Going Green

Environmental Initiatives at Our School

Valley Creek school is involved in recycling efforts and ways to reduce our production of waste. All washrooms have a compost bin for used paper towels. In each main area of the school students have access to recycling, compost and waste bins. Each bin has a sign indicating which items should be placed in each bin. Valley Creek students are asked to use the appropriate bins when disposing of waste. In addition to these bins, our leadership students collect cardboard and recyclables from classrooms on a weekly basis. Throughout the year, classrooms will be going on community walks to pick up garbage in our school community. 

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RT @yyCBEdu: Friday, June 9 is a system-wide non-instructional day so there are no classes for CBE students. Have a safe long weekend and stay cool! #WeAreCBE https://t.co/aZILp20jXS

A big thank you to our Parent Council for supporting the mental health fundraiser. Olivia & Elliott were thrilled to hear the news. 🤩#WeAreCBE

A jazz ensemble from Mount Royal played for our students today. They sounded great 🎶🎹 #WeAreCBE https://t.co/yzTWNqCkjL

We look forward to welcoming schools today at the Thermopylae Mud Race. See you at 4:30! #WeAreCBE @yyCBEdu https://t.co/757PezUmts

RT @GCIndigenous: It’s National Indigenous History Month! A time to recognize the rich heritage of Indigenous Peoples in Canada by listening to inspiring stories from First Nations, Inuit and Métis. https://t.co/4CUBF7ZBN0 #NIHM2023 https://t.co/EHqqvPK0r4