Jan 07
Science Program Open House January 7 6pm


For the main meeting that goes over all the details of the Science Program in general please join us at 6pm in TEAMS

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If you have specific questions about the Science Program at Valley View  join a different meeting in a new TEAMS link

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Dec 16
December Updates

​Wow! What a year 2020 has been. 

I have been an educator with the Calgary Board of Education for over 30 years and I have never experienced a year like we have had in 2020. At the same time, I have never felt more proud of being an educator and of our students and staff for how resilient, innovative and dedicated everyone has been to our joint educational journey. With so much rapid change and so much focus on health and mental wellness, learning may not have been at the top of your priority list but it has remained on the top of our priority list. At all times your children have come first, we have continued to make education our central purpose and have provided safe and student focused learning in our public school. Please take time over the Winter Break to rest, relax and rejuvenate your energy. We still have a lot of learning left to do in the months ahead.  Take good care and stay healthy over the two week winter break. No school December 19 to January 4. Online learning begins January 5-8. ​

Nov 25
November Updates

​So many exciting things are happening in Valley View School. First of all there are many people to thank.

Thank you to Mr. Affeld, Mrs. Lewis, Mr. Liu and Mrs. Wentzell's classes for putting together a virtual Remembrance Day Celebration. It was very meaningful and respectful. Thanks to all of the staff and students that are following all of the COVID-19 safety protocols so closely. My gratitude also goes to our Facility Operator, Mr. Peltier, and our cleaning crew for frequently sanitizing high touch points and doing extra things to keep everyone healthy and safe. 

With the announcement from the Provincial Government about new restrictions and protocols to curb the rising cases of COVID-19 in our province there will be a few changes at Valley View School. We will continue with our in-person classes right up to December 18. Winter Break will start on December 19 and end on January 5. January 4 is an organizational day at Valley View and there will be no school for students. From January 5-8 all learning will be on-line. Please help your child access their teacher's Google Classroom now to prepare for this move to on-line learning in January.​ More details will be shared as we received them.

Just a reminder that if your child stays for lunch and/or they ride the bus, you need to go to your My CBE Account to register for lunchroom services and apply for a Z pass. Please don't delay.

Take good care and stay safe and healthy.

Sep 22
September Update

Welcome Back Valley View Voyageurs!

It has been a very exciting and different start up this year but all the students and staff that in the school have been doing a fantastic job of following all the new protocols and guidelines put in place to keep everyone safe and healthy. We have 125 of our Valley View students registered in the Hub online learning program. With so many students not returning to in person learning we had to close four physical classrooms but we were able to keep all of our teachers here. Mrs. Trotter (Ms. Cuggy), Mrs. Cormack, Mrs. Kear and Ms. Schmitz are all teaching a Hub class and may be re-opening their classrooms at the end of January.

So many classes have been taking their learning outside to enjoy our mild Fall weather and to take a mask break.  All students and their teachers are very settled into routines and are working towards learning goals and targets. Please tell your child's teacher about the learning goals and targets you have for your child as they contact you by telephone and/or email during the Parent Teacher Conferences this week.

Please remember to do the daily health screening with your child. If your child comes to school and exhibits COVID 19 like symptoms, we will be calling for your child to be taken home. The Alberta Health Ministry has posted a document called COVID 19 Student Illness at School which has guided school decisions to send a student home. 

Student Illness at School​

Thanks for your ongoing support and cooperation. Take good care!


Jun 30
Summer Message

​Wow! What a year it has been. There have been many challenge this year - some good and some not so good. With any challenge comes the opportunity to demonstrate resilience, perseverance and hope. If the positive response of our students and staff to all of the challenges we have faced this year is any indication we are in for a fantatistic school year in 2020-2021. 

As this school year draws to a close I reflect on the many wonderful things that have happened this year: field studies, assemblies, spirit days, student led and inspired projects and discoveries, the Student Advisory Committee, the many Google Meets and Google Classrooms, the community parades, the whole staff response to literacy intervention work, our school patrols....There are too many things to list.

What has stood out the most for me this year is how we rallied around our families who suffered loss or great hardship. Our learning family showed great support and compassion by donating clothes, food, money and the services of their businesses to lift these families and help them through their time of greatest need.

I am so grateful to the students, staff and families of Valley View School. I am so priveleged and honoured to be part of this Learning Community. I am looking forward to September when we will get to be face to face again and continue our learning journey.  I wish all of you a safe and healthy summer break.  Take good care of each other!

Jun 04
Survey Results - New Fees

​The Calgary Board of Education posted new fees for Transportation, Lunchroom Supervision and Student Supplies. With many education grants changing or being cancelled, all of these fees increased. A survey was sent out to all of the families that attend the Science Program as they were the most affected by the change of fees. The survey asked how many families would still be attending the Science Program with the changes to these fees. 

Fees Chart.jpg
From the chart, you can see that the majority of our Science Program families have agreed to pay the new fees and return to Valley View for the 2020-2021 school year.

Jun 04
Survey Results - Science Kindergarten Program

​On May 15th, 2020 a survey was sent out to all of the families who currently have students attending the Science Program at Valley View and to the families that are interested in joining the Science Program in September. The reason for this survey was to gather input from families about changes to the fees and schedules for Transportation for the 2020-2021 school year.

The Kindergarten only survey had three questions:

1. There is no mid day bus. Please indicate which choice of proramming you would prefer.
    a. I will bring my child to and from school every day on my own. 
    b. AM/PM I will permit my child to ride the bus to or from school and pick them up/drop 
        them off mid day.
    c. AM/PM I will have my child ride the bus to and from school. They will attend Monday
        and Wednesday all day and some Fridays (AM class) or Tuesday and Thursday and 
        some Fridays (PM class).

 57% of the families who answered the survey responded in favour of option C.

2. If you choose the full day option, your child will need to stay for lunch. Please indicate which lunch option you prefer.
    a. I will make my own lunchroom supervision arrangements. No fee.
    b. I will allow my child to stay for lunch two days a week for approx. $137 dollars.

67% of the families who answered the survey responded in favour of option B.

3. All students are requested to have an inside pair of shoes and a backpack that hey bring from home. For other supplies, please check the option that your family would prefer. 
    a. If I am given a list, I will purchase all the supplies.
    b. I will pay $20 to the school to have all student supplies purchased.

69% of the families who answered the survey responded in favour of option B.

Apr 16
Google Classrooms

By Friday, April 17 all of the teachers here at Valley View will have hosted at least one Google Meet session for all of their students and will have two or more assignments posted in their Google Classroom for students to engage in.

Please note that this online platform can not and will not replace the instruction that your child was receiving while attending classes here at school. These Google Classrooms are remote emergency teaching as teachers are working from home to support all students. 

The Alberta Minister of Education has stipulated that K-5 teachers prepare five hours of instruction each week. This includes the time that students would be meeting with their teacher on line. The focus of the lessons is to be on literacy and numeracy. For students in grades four and five, teachers may also include Social Studies and Science content. 

This is not a time for lots of new learning but rather a time of reinforcing what has been learned and enhancing students' current knowledge and skills so that they can apply their understandings to a broad range of circumstances.  ​What is most important is that we maintain our positive relationships and take care of each other. 

I hope all of you are well.  Take good care. 

Apr 08
April Updates

​Wow, what a difference a few weeks can make. In my 32 years as an educator with the Calgary Board of Education I have never experienced anything like what we are experiencing now. I truly hope that all of our Valley View families are well. Please email me directly at smpalmer@cbe.ab.ca if you are struggling to provide food and other basic necessities for your family as many organizations are reaching out to schools to see how they can help. 

Next week, April 13-17,we will have some food available for pick up. I will send out a School Messenger notice to give the details as soon as they are confirmed. 

By Tuesday, April, 14 all of the teachers including the Medicine Wheel Early Learning Centre - Ms. Nakia and Ms. Brenda will have some online learning set up. The Kindergarten to Grade 5 teachers will have Google Classrooms set up. Your child will get an invitation to join through email. Please contact your child's teacher directly if you don't hear from them by telephone or email by next Tuesday. 

Be safe and stay healthy everyone.

Mar 05
March Updates

​It is so nice to have more sunshine these days. Hopefully the coldest days are behind us. March can still be a chilly month so it is important to send your child to school each day dressed for inclement weather. We have completely exhausted our reserves of spare mittens and boots. We still have a supply of rubber boots so if your child is in need of a pair - please send them to the main office so that we can help them out.

Safety has become an issue around our school as some parents are choosing convenience over the safety of all of our students. We have had an increasing number of families park in the no stopping and bus zones. We have many cars driving in and out of our parking lot frequently. There have been a larger number of people standing in the front hallway afterschool that are coming to pick up students that we do not have on our records as someone who has authority from the parent to take the children home. Safety is very important to the Calgary Board of Education and to myself. For the safety of all the students please observe the no parking and no stopping signs and wait in the designated areas to pick up students afterschool. 

As we get closer to Spring Break there are many things going on at Valley View School. On Fridays, the Student Advisory Committee is still selling snacks. This committee has raised enough money now to send three students to camp who may not have been able to attend due to the costs. Our Parent Council is still very active in our school with a meeting on Tuesday, March 10 at 6pm and a "Yard Sale" that is happening during the conferences on March 19 and 20. There is a group of grade five students and their families who will also be hosting a bottle drive during the conferences to help raise money for camp.

With the new provincial budget that has recently been shared it is important for your voice to be heard. So far there is a survey about transportation in CBE that has been sent home to all staff and parents. It is important to respond to these surveys to support our school. If transportation costs increase greatly, the Science program would be deeply affected. We are also worried about having larger classes as a result of the recent provincial budget. Ideas on how we are resourcing schools are surfacing and will be ongoing until the end of May. At the end of May we need to have a balanced budget prepared to share with the Education Minister and the Education Department of Alberta.  Please complete the surveys that are coming out on how to utilized fees and grants for educational services.  If you value what we have, you need to make that opinion heard.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming conferences and wish all of you a safe and happy holiday break starting March 20 - April 5, 2020.

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