Lunchroom Organization

All Grades except Science Program KG

11:30 AM - Teachers will take students out to meet Lunchroom Supervisors for supervised playtime.

12:10 PM - Students will line up with their Lunch Supervisors and head inside to eat.

During lunch break, students are supervised by school Education Assistants and School Lunchroom Supervisors. Lunchroom is held in designated classrooms and monitored by a Lunchroom Supervisor. The ratio of support falls within the guidelines for this age group. If your child is not eating his/her lunch, please talk to the classroom teacher who will work with the lunch supervisor. While lunchrooms are not supervised by teachers they are the key contact and can help to support the lunch staff and your child. An administrator is usually available to offer support during the lunch hour as needed.

12:45 PM - Lunch is over and classes resume.

Lunchroom Supervision

All students who attend Valley View School and choose to stay at school for lunch must register for the program online and pay a noon supervision fee. If there is a change of lunch plans for the day please notify the office at 403-777-8250. Students must be “signed out” either in person or with documentation clearly dated and signed by a parent/guardian. Students not registered, but who would like to stay on occasion can pay a $5 drop-in fee. A receipt will be issued for this fee. The office will handle all drop-in fees.


Please be aware several students have a potentially life-threatening allergy to peanuts. For more information about this and other health concerns visit our Illness & Medical page.

Students Without Snacks or Lunches

If you require ongoing support to provide more regular snacks and top ups for lunches we ask that you contact the office. The office will work closely to establish the best plan for supporting food needs at school. We are here to support all children to ensure they have access to regular nutritious snacks and lunches. 

We ask all students to take home all their left over food items, so that you can help to monitor what they are eating or not eating at school. Sharing food items between students is discouraged because of nutrition/allergy needs and concerns.

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