Mme Forbes,

Welcome to Varsity Acres Music!  

Michelle Forbes, Varsity Acres’ Music Specialist has been teaching music in various capacities for many years. She grew up playing classical piano, and also play the guitar, ukulele, ancient lyre, recorder, flute, and other instruments. She is also trained in teaching Orff music and instruments. Her background in French allows her to incorporate French into the music classroom to assist the French language learning at Varsity Acres.  

This year we are pleased to be inviting the Youth Singers of Calgary to work with our grade 1-5 students to help them learn skills in singing and performing. We are also looking forward to working towards sharing a winter concert with our families again this year.  


We will plan for two Music Share Days throughout the year. For the music share, students are invited to share and play an instrument they play, dance, sing, or share a song on YouTube that they enjoy. Not everyone chooses to participate (and it is not mandatory), but if they would like to share anything to do with music, everyone is welcome to do so. The students enjoy this chance to share, and see their classmates share musical talents.  


We approach music from a number of different ways. In working with our singing voices, xylophones, ukuleles (Grade 5), and recorders (Grade 4), and percussion instruments, we are working to give every child the basis in which to have access to music throughout their lives.  Whether a child ends up being a concert musician, being in a band, or singing along to the radio, and singing lullabies to the next generation, we work to give them the basis they need to be successful with music in life. We believe that music should and can be accessible to all students in our music program at Varsity Acres. 


 Vive la musique! 

Thank you, 


Michelle Forbes
Varsity Acres
Music Specialist

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