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We are looking forward to another outstanding year in the Physical Education Department. We have a great group of coaches for the interscholastic program that is offered.  We also have a diverse team of teachers to deliver the Physical Education Curriculum. I would like to welcome back to the Physical Education team: Mr. Rustemeyer, Ms. Holt, Mr. Geraldi, Ms. Anderson, Ms. Kolobinski and Mr. Hargreaves. Joining our department is Mr. Reese, Mr. Gruninger, Mr. Steeves, Ms. Scales and Ms. Ivy. We welcome all the new staff to our department as they bring great enthusiasm and eagerness to the Physical Education department.


The students will be given a lock and will be sharing a locker in the change rooms. There are to be no backpacks in the locker rooms at any time during the school day. This will help eliminate theft and vandalism in our locker rooms. Students are expected to get organized first thing in the morning, at the 5- minute break and at lunch hour. Students are expected to carry a maximum of two sets of books for their two classes between breaks. For example: If a student has gym in one of the first 2 periods, then the student only needs one set of class books as their gym strip will already be in the locker room. Then, at the 5-minute break, they can go to their hall locker and get their next set of books. Vincent Massey organizes the students’ breaks so that they should only have two sets of books at any given time. This minimizes the need for their backpacks during the school day.

Cell phones

There are also no cell phones or cameras allowed in the locker room at any time. This policy will help to deter any potential issues regarding cameras in a locker room. If a student is caught with a cell phone or camera in the locker room, the device will be taken away and will be given to the principal or assistant principal. The only way to get the device back will be to have a parent or guardian come to the school and meet with the principal and/or assistant principal. The device will be returned to the student once it is understood why the policy is in place.  

Gym strip sales:  

Students can purchase a gym strip for $35.00.  The price is $15.00 for T-Shirt and $20.00 for the Shorts.  Students are encouraged to wear a gym strip. Students are permitted to wear tights under shorts, black or navy sweatpants or athletic-style pants as a substitute of shorts.  If there is a problem with purchasing these items, please contact Mr. Geraldi, Physical Education Learning Leader. Students are allowed to bring a sweatshirt or a fall jacket, sweat pants or tear-always to wear over top of their T-shirt and shorts.  Unless the weather is extreme, all outdoor classes will go outside as planned; please be prepared

The first modules that the students will be offered to take in Physical Education classes will be: Volleyball, Flag Football, Soccer and  Ultimate. 

The breakdown of how students are assessed in Physical Education is as follows:

  • Knowledge & Skills and online test in D2L
  • Cooperation, team work & fair play
  • Participation

Your son/daughter will be assessed based on and in compliance with the CBE Assessment Framework.  Students in PE will be assessed by a 4-point scale based on criteria on a rubric specific to PE. 

Active Living 

As part of the Physical Education Curriculum each student is required to log their physical activity that takes place outside of PE classes.  It is expected that all activity that raises their heart rate to 20 beats in a ten second count be recorded.  Examples include: soccer, hockey, lacrosse games and practices, intramurals, interscholastic teams, dance and martial arts lessons or classes.  If the student is to include walking, i.e. walking to school or walking the dog, it is expected that the pace be brisk, and the heart rate should become elevated to 20 beats in 10 seconds.  In all cases the “walker” should be “huffy puffy”, meaning the breathing rate also has increased.  It is recommended that we all exercise a minimum number of three times per week.  Please assist your child in keeping track of their activity level on a calendar of their choosing. 


This is a great way to keep busy and out of trouble at lunch. The best part is you can have lots of fun with your friends.  A variety of activities will be offered.  Starting at the lunch break Monday to Thursday, Students are able to enjoy an open gym time to burn off some energy based on the current modules that are set up in the main gymnasium.  Students must be changed to participate in the intramural program.

Athletes of the Month

Athlete of the month is awarded to a member of a current team who best represents the school.  Combined in the award are ability, sportsmanship, hard work, and reliability.  Students who win this award are considered very valuable members of their teams. 

Mane Extravaganza Volleyball and Basketball Tournaments

Plans are underway for the October 16-18th Senior Boys and Girls Volleyball Tournament and the January Basketball Tournament for Junior Boys and Girls that will take place the last week of January 2020. 

School Teams

I can’t help but feel the excitement that is in the air with the start of school and the anticipation of the year ahead.  Coming up is the chance to show Vincent Massey Monarch Pride in one of the athletic teams that our many coaches offer.  To be on a team you are encouraged to attend all the practices.  If for some reason you must miss one, be sure to let the coach know ahead of time so your chances of making the team are not jeopardized. Teams from all three grade levels are offered, so don’t miss your opportunity.  First practices are posted on D2L, our website or on the bulletin boards outside the PE office and also outside the locker rooms.  

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RT @WesternRedhawks: This past year, a committee of students has been hard at work gathering student voice and consulting with Elders and Knowledge Keepers in the planning of a garden in the courtyard area off of the main foyer. #wearecbe

LAST CHANCE to register for yellow school bus transportation. If you do not register by the June 11 deadline you will not be included in route planning for the fall and may be responsible for transportation for the first six weeks of school. #WeAreCBE

Friday, June 9 is a system-wide non-instructional day so there are no classes for CBE students. Have a safe long weekend and stay cool! #WeAreCBE

RT @Miskanawah: A huge THANK YOU to the students of Forest Lawn High School for supporting our Indigenous children, youth and families to have FUN and POSITIVE learning experiences by donating 50 new backpacks. #miskanawah #YYC #ForestLawnHighSchool