Fine Arts

The fine and performing arts are for everyone, whether you choose to explore and develop a new interest or specialize in a current interest. Participation in the arts enhances your creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. 

The Fine Arts are a vital and vibrant part of our school culture at Vincent Massey. Students in all three grades have access to courses in Art and Drama as well as opportunities for extra-curricular centred activities at our school. 

Fine and Performing Arts Includes

  • Visual Arts: Art, Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Professional Development in the Arts (PDA)
  • Drama: Drama, Advance Acting & Touring Theatre, Directing, Film Studies, Musical Theatre, Technical Theatre, PDA
  • Band: Instrumental Music, Band, Woodwinds & Brass

Fine Arts Courses Offered:

Art 7
This class is an excellent sampling of drawing, painting and sculpture. Over the course of one semester students focus on learning zentangle using pen and ink, cartooning, colour theory, making an oil pastel cityscape, animal drawing and painting using tempera paint, a mixed media projects and creating a project in clay. This class is open to all skills and student levels. 

In grade 8 and 9 students have the opportunity to take courses in both two-dimensional art which encompassese drawing and painting and three-dimensional art which utilities sculptural materials like wire, clay, pulpboard, mixed media, and plaster.

Art 8 (2D)
Projects for this course are selected based on student interest. In previous semesters students have created an art portfolio to house their work, tessellations, one and two point perspective projects, oil pastel projects, colour theory using paint, monochromatic paintings, portrait drawings and celebrity caricatures. 

Art 8 (3D)
A large portion of this course is dedicated towards learning the basics of handbuilding and using clay and learning to glaze finished projects using colour theory principals. Students will also use wire and  found materials to create wire animals and sometimes attach them to rocks or branches. They will also make a plaster mask using a face form that will go along with what unit they are studying in Social, possible masks might be Venetian, Aztec or Noh theatre masks. If extra time is available in the term students will create a mixed media sculpture using cardboard and found objects. 

Art 9 (2D)
Students are taught the technical background basics that they need to complete projects in this course. Projects are much more in depth in Art 9 and more time is dedicated to them and preparing for high school art. Areas of focus are, pencil shading, oil pastel, water colour, colour theory and acrylic painting. Topics may vary depending on student interest. 

Art 9 (3D)
This course continues to build on previous sculpture knowledge from Art 8 (3D). Students spend more time further exploring handbuilding concepts with clay. Projects are more intricate and challenging and take longer to complete. Students learn different glazing techniques to apply to their bisqued projects. Students will complete Expressionism carved plaster faces and either a pulpboard action figure or a mixed media diorama. Projects vary each semester depending on student interest and time spent on each lesson. 

Students will explore acting, improvisation, movement and speech. They will develop confidence and learn about themselves and others. Students will discover how much work it takes, behind the scenes and on the stage, to put on a successful production.

Drama 7
Drama 8
Drama 9

Fine Arts and Extra-Curricular 

Remembrance Day Assembly
Every year students put on a Remembrance Day assembly to honor those who fought in the world wars and to reflect on peace and our world today. The assembly features the work of our students through performances by the band and a short movement piece from the grade 9 drama students. Also, specific student artists share their talents through a display of painted canvases throughout the event. 

School Plays
Vincent Massey puts on an annual play that runs during an evening performance for family and friends and a day performance for students at the school.  Previous plays that have run at Vincent Massey; Julliett and this Guy Romeo, a Student written and directed play, A Christmas Carol, Adventures of a Comic Book Artist, The Hobbit and Alice in Wonderland. 

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