Students and Teachers at Vincent Massey school engage with the math curriculum and mathematical thinking with the purpose of.


     -Inspiring interest and curiosity about mathematics

     -Fostering a positive mathematical identity

     -Empowering students to engage in society with mathematical skills and understanding


These purposes lead to learners having a deep understanding of mathematics, using mathematics as a lens through which to view the world, and experiencing the wonder, joy, and beauty of mathematics.  Access and equity in mathematics at the school and classroom levels rest on beliefs and practices that empower all students to participate meaningfully in learning mathematics.


Students at Vincent Massey will participate in mathematics on a daily basis.  Mathematics teachers work diligently to prepare students to be engaged thinkers who employ mathematical literacy to solve problems of varying levels of complexity and make connections between the classroom and the real world. 


Students have access to multi-grade Problems of the Week published by the University of Waterloo, which allows for application and extension of critical problem-solving skills. 

Problem of the Week - University of Waterloo

Students at Vincent Massey are also involved in the Gauss Math Contest and the Pascal Math Contest, which allows them to have fun while developing their problem-solving ability. 


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