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Physical Education Staff: Mr. Rustemeyer, Mr. Geraldi, Mr. Hargreaves,  Ms. Anderson, Ms. Kolubinski, Mr. Reese Mr. Seibel, Mrs. Schmautz, Mr. Cox

In 2019-2020 Vincent Massey was awarded the 4 star for Physical Education Award

Instructional Program

Classes will be 58 minutes Monday to Thursday; 32 minutes on Friday. Students will have daily PE.


The Physical Education (PE) program at Vincent Massey will offer a wide array of modules for your son/daughter during the school year. Due to COVID, the PE Team is doing their very best to ensure students still get the opportunities to take part in as many of these modules as they can.

There will be approximately 19 modules in the school year. Some sport/activity choices are dependent upon facility and weather. List of potential sports/activities: Volleyball, Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Rugby, Soccer, European Handball, Combatives, LOG, Speedball, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Tchoukball, Outdoor Games, Badminton, Fitness, Table Tennis, Lacrosse, Cricket, Golf, Softball, Social Dance, Archery, Walking, Weight Training.  As stated above, many of these activities are going to be examined and re-evaluated as more updates come from Alberta Health Services throughout the year.  Certain guidelines may limit and dictate what is offered in PE. We are working together very closely with our school board and AHS, to make sure we are doing what is best and safest for staff and students.

Attendance & Participation

Regular attendance and participation is expected. 

·         Unexcused absences greatly affect your success in PE. We need to see your son/daughter to evaluate them! The following are some scenarios for exemption from PE classes but are not limited to the following. We require communication from you so that this experience for your child is pleasant and safe.  

·         If this is an explained absence and you will knowingly be absent for an extended period of time due to medical reasons (surgery) then a note from a doctor and/or parent/guardian is greatly appreciated for prior warning. Upon return from any medical procedures that keep your son/daughter away for more than 4 days a Doctor’s note is required.

·         If this is for an extended period of time due to travel (4 days or more) then an alternate assignment may be given to make up for that missed time. It is advisable to let the PE teacher know ahead of time so that they may prepare that assignment/project prior to your departure. 

·         If your son/daughter has unforeseen absences due to an illness or an injury then a medical note from a Doctor is required, no exceptions. A note from a parent/guardian is also appreciated. If your son/daughter is able to come to school but not participate they will be expected to come to PE class and on the discretion of their PE teacher he/she will assist in class for that day(s). They will be kept busy and expected to be a part of the class.  Parent communication with the PE staff is greatly appreciated and exemption from class by parent requests will be respected. 

**Any students requiring the use, even occasional, of an inhaler or Epi-pen must bring it with them to every class. It is their responsibility. 

Clothing Requirements

Students need to be aware of forecasts and be prepared for all types of weather. In class, they will be briefed by their Physical Education teacher regarding any upcoming weather events. We are planning on having the many classes outside unless the weather meets the temperature cut off of minus 15 Celsius. We ask that students are always prepared for all types of weather which includes rain and possible snow.


We recommend the following clothing for PE this year:

-Proper footwear – athletic shoes or warm winter foot wear!

-Hoodies/Warm layers

-Rain gear for days that may require an outer layer.

-Cold weather gear (jackets, tuques, mitts, gloves, extra layers)

-Warm weather gear (hat, sunglasses *if needed)


Interschool Program

At this time, the CBE has ruled out Interschool Sports and Clubs.  If AHS and the CBE make any changes or updates, a Massey Messenger will be sent out to parents on the school’s behalf to notify of any new information.

Gym Rules

·         No food or drinks in the gym or on the field during class time.

·         Students are allowed in the gym for an activity only if a teacher-supervisor is present.

If students are inside for a module, only non-marking shoes are allowed in the gym. No cleats will be allowed in the gym.

Due to changes in Health Regulations and guidelines for COVID-19, PE will be running outside this year for as long as possible. We encourage students to come prepared for the weather and to be an active member of the class,

Evaluation in P.E. Classes

Students will be evaluated in the following categories such as:

·         Knowledge & Skills

·         Cooperation, team work & fair play

·         Participation 

Your son/daughter will be assessed based on and in compliance with the CBE Assessment Framework.  Students in PE will be assessed by a 4-point scale based on criteria on a rubric specific to PE. 

PE Instructional Program Year Plan

Due to COVID and the ever-changing updates from AHS, the Vincent Massey PE Department will be deciding the modules on a month to month basis.  With weather and heath updates always changing, the PE Department at this time feels it is best to put the priorities on health and safety, rather than planning for an unknown Spring.


September to November Modules: Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Football, and Lacrosse


November to December Modules:  Rugby, Speedball, Low Organized Games, Walking, and Broomball


PE Department Contact Information

For more information on individual PE Teachers and how to contact them please visit our website at:



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