Physical Education

2019 – 2020
Physical Education Staff
Mr. D. Hargreaves, Ms.K Holt, Mr. Geraldi
Mr. C. Rustemeyer, Ms. Anderson, Ms. Scales, 
Ms. Kolubinski, Ms. Ivy, Mr. Reese, 
Mr Gruninger, Mr. Steeves

In 2018-2019 Vincent Massey was awarded the
4 star for Physical Education Award

Instructional Program

Classes will be 59 minutes Monday to Thursdays. Fridays will be 33 min. Students will have daily PE.


The PE program at Vincent Massey will offer a wide array of modules for your son/daughter during the school year. There will be approximately 19 modules in the school year. Some sport/activity choices are dependent upon facility and weather. List of potential sports/activities: Volleyball, Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Rugby, Soccer, European Handball, Combatives, LOG, Speedball, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Tchoukball, Outdoor Games, Badminton, Fitness, Table Tennis, Lacrosse, Cricket, Golf, Softball, Social Dance, Archery, Walking, Weight Training. 

Attendance & Participation

Regular attendance and participation is expected. 

  • Unexcused absences greatly affect your success in PE. We need to see your son/daughter to evaluate them! The following are some scenarios for exemption from PE classes but are not limited to the following. We require communication from you so that this experience for your child is pleasant and safe.  
  • If this is an explained absence and you will knowingly be absent for an extended period of time due to medical reasons (surgery) then a note from a doctor and/or parent/guardian is greatly appreciated for prior warning. Upon return from any medical procedures that keep your son/daughter away for more than 4 days a Doctors note is required.
  • If this is for an extended period of time due to travel (4 days or more) then an alternate assignment may be given to make up for that missed time. It is advisable to let the PE teacher know ahead of time so that they may prepare that assignment/project prior to your departure. 
  • If your son/daughter has unforeseen absences due to an illness or an injury then a medical note from a Doctor is required, no exceptions. A note from a parent/guardian is also appreciated. If your son/daughter is able to come to school but not participate they will be expected to come to PE class and on the discretion of their PE teacher he/she will assist in class for that day(s). They will be kept busy and expected to be a part of the class and in most circumstances they will be required to change into gym strip to be a part of the class. Parent communication with the PE staff is greatly appreciated and exemption from class by parent requests will be respected. 

**Any students requiring the use, even occasional, of an inhaler or Epi-pen must bring it with them to every class. It is their responsibility. 

Clothing Requirements

All students must change for class. If you forget your gym strip, a loaner will be provided to you or you will be given an alternate activity to complete.  Be sure to contact your PE teacher at the very start of the class so that is does not delay the start of class.  Forgetting gym strip on a regular basis will reflect poorly on your child’s participation and attitude assessment in PE.

All students are required to change into gym strip for Physical Education classes.  This includes: 

  • Vincent Massey logo t-shirt - $15
  • Vincent Massey basketball style shorts - $20
  • Non-marking athletic shoes - they should have an indoor pair to remain in their locker.
  • If sweatpants or sweatshirts are necessary, students are required to wear the gym strip under the sweats. 

These items are available in the Physical Education Office located outside the North Gym.  The office will be open 15 minutes before classes and during lunch hour until September 10th. After this date students must be changed to participate in the gym.  It is expected that all students wear gym strip.  If purchasing a set of gym strip poses a problem please call Mr. Hargreaves, Ms. Holt or Mr. Geraldi, at 777-7870  ext 2049, and we will make other arrangements.  Please make cheques payable to Vincent Massey School.  Post-dated cheques are acceptable. 

Changing Times

A maximum of 5 min. will be allowed at the beginning and the end of each class to change into and out of their gym strip. If we are outside, the class will proceed back in the building at the seven minute warning bell (at the discretion of your teacher).  Classes will have a designated meeting area for each unit.  Schedules and specific information will be posted outside the locker rooms when necessary, please be sure to check before going to the gym!


Jewelry must not be worn during PE classes for safety reasons. Each student must take responsibility for locking up earrings, watches, necklaces, bracelets, and rings in their own locker. It is advised that students keep a small box in their locker to secure their jewelry safely.  PE teachers will not take the responsibility of caring for jewelry during the class period.

Personal Security

Your name should be on your gym strip t-shirt, shorts, and runners. A good idea is to have your name crested on the outside of your clothing. With over 700 students having gym strip it is hard to tell things apart.  If you lose something, chances are greater of having it returned if your name is on it. PE clothing should be locked inside your PE locker before and after each PE class.  Outside Clothing and book bags should be locked in a homeroom hall locker while you are in the gym.
**It is the students’ responsibility to ensure all valuables are locked up.

Locker combinations must be kept a secret.

Lost items may turn up; check in the lost and found bins outside the main office or ask the PE teachers.  Lost locks most often turn up however always check with your PE teacher.  Cell phones are NOT allowed in the locker rooms under any circumstances. No exceptions. If a student is caught with or a cell phone is found in their PE locker room then that student will be taken to the principal and parents will be notified.

Homeroom Challenge Events & Intramurals

The following are the major categories:

  • Special Events - One special event per month is planned. For example in September the special event is "Pac-Man Challenge".
  • Special Days – Events such as athletic team challenges or staff versus student games.
  • Survivor – Starting in the month of May, homerooms will compete against each other where homerooms will be eliminated until one homeroom will be crowned the lone survivor.
  • Intramurals – When the Homeroom Challenges are not running then Monday through Thursday in the North or South gym a member of the PE staff will run/supervise an activity/sport for all those who wish to participate. Space is limited so it is a first come first serve basis. All participants must be changed into proper gym strip.

Interschool Program

Students from all grades are accommodated on numerous teams.  Generally, students compete against only others in their grade, or of the same age.

The following sports are included in the Vincent Massey Interschool program:

  • Soccer-Boys & Girls, all grades tryout for one team.  Sept.- Nov.
  • Cross country running -Boys & Girls, all grades involved. Sept.- Oct.
  • Volleyball-Boys & Girls, Gr 7, Gr 8 & Gr 9 separate teams.  Sept. - Nov.
  • Wrestling –Boys & Girls, Gr. 7 &8 & 9 Nov – Jan.
  • Basketball-Boys & Girls, Gr 7, Gr 8 & Gr 9 separate teams.  Jan. - March
  • Badminton-Boys & Girls, Gr 7, Gr 8 & Gr 9 separate teams. April - May
  • Track & Field-Boys & Girls, all grades involved. April - May

Gym Rules

  • No food or drinks in the locker rooms or gym.
  • Students are allowed in the gym for an activity only if a teacher-supervisor is present.
  • All students participating in class, intramurals or team practices must be changed into gym strip.

Only non-marking shoes are allowed in the gym. No cleats will be allowed in the gym.

Evaluation in P.E. Classes

Students will be evaluated in the following categories such as:

  • Knowledge & Skills
  • Cooperation, team work & fair play
  • Participation 

Your son/daughter will be assessed based on and in compliance with the CBE Assessment Framework.  Students in PE will be assessed by a 4-point scale based on criteria on a rubric specific to PE. 

P. E. Instructional Program Year Plan

  • September 4 - September 6 Orientation and lock distribution
  • September 9 – September 19  Baseline testing, Volleyball, Flag Football, Ultimate, Soccer 
  • September 23 – October 4 Speedball, Field Hockey, Pickleball   Health (7-5, 7-6, 8-03, 8-14, 9-1, 9-2)
  • October 7 – October 18 Tchoukball, Stuntnastics, Cricket  Health (7-10, 7-12, 8-16, 8-22, 9-9, 9-11)
  • October 21 – October 31 Wrestling, Archery, European Handball  Health (7-13, 7-15, 8-26, 8-28, 9-18, 9-19)
  • November 4 – November 15  Floor Hockey, Table Tennis, Walking  Health (7-17, 7-20, 8-33, 8-35, 9-21, 9-23)
  • November 18 – November 29 Basketball, Weight Training  Health (7-5, 7-6, 8-03, 8-14, 9-1, 9-2)
  • December 2 – December 13 European Handball, Fitness, Basketball   Health (7-10, 7-12, 8-16, 8-22, 9-9, 9-11)
  • December 16 – December 19 L.O.G. and Locker Check
  • December 20 – January 5 Winter Break
  • January 6 – January 24 Dance
  • January 27 – February 7 Ringette, Outdoor Games, Speedball   Health (7-13, 7-15, 8-26, 8-28, 9-18, 9-19)
  • February 10 – February 12 L.O.G. Midyear testing
  • February 18 – February 28 Weight training, Archery, Pickleball  Health (7-17, 7-20, 8-33, 8-35, 9-21, 9-23)
  • March 2 – March 13 Badminton (2), Table Tennis  Health (7-5, 7-6, 8-3, 8-14, 9-1, 9-2)
  • March 16 – March 19 L.O.G. and Locker Check
  • March 20 – March 29 Spring Break
  • March 30 – April 9 Badminton, Ultimate, Flag Football Health (7-10, 7-12, 8-16, 8-22, 9-9, 9-11)
  • April 14– May 1 Track and Field
  • May 4 – May 15 Lacrosse, Rugby, Soccer   Health (7-13, 7-15, 8-26, 8-28, 9-18, 9-19)
  • May 19 – May 29 Golf, Biking, Backyard Games  Health (7-17, 7-20, 8-33, 8-35, 9-21, 9-23)
  • June 1 - June 17 End of year testing, Softball
  • June 15 – June 17 Lock return
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