​Our school offers options to suit our students’ unique learning needs, interests and abilities. All of our courses follow the Alberta Programs of Study​

Course Options



ART  7    One Semester

Imagine how dull and boring our environment would be without the imaginative creations of artists!

The grade seven Art program offers students the opportunity to think and behave like artists. The projects are challenging, yet fun and fulfilling in their completion. No previous art experience is necessary. Students who take Art will learn how to apply the concept of design to their compositions. They will be given the opportunity to experiment with a broad selection of different art materials and create drawing, painting and sculptures.

Students will enjoy an open and relaxed atmosphere where they can exercise their imagination and creativity.


Construction 7          One Semester

Do you like to make things? Are you someone who enjoys being creative and using your mind and your hands to work on a project?  If you said “yes”, then this is the class for you!

Grade 7 Construction is an introduction to the many courses available to students in the “technology” areas of the provincial “Career and Technologies Foundations” (CTF) curriculum.

 Students taking Applied Technologies will learn the steps involved in the planning and designing of projects and products. They will learn about the safe and proper use of a variety of hand tools, power machines, processes and materials in order to transform those ideas into finished projects.

 In this introduction to Construction, students will begin work learning about the “Design Process”; how to make drawings and plans of their own project ideas, then working in the Applied Technologies shop to turn those ideas into completed projects. 


Band 7    Full Year

It is mandatory for all grade 7 Band students to perform in the Junior Concert band.  The objective of this ensemble is to develop rehearsal and performance skills within a team atmosphere.  Emphasis will be placed on technique, sight-reading, and awareness toward a large ensemble sound.  This group will perform in two public concerts and two music festivals.

The grade 7 Band will also participate in regular clinics and workshops with music professionals, both at the school and at band camp.

The band program has been designed to allow students to excel on their instruments in a short period of time.  Introduction to music theory, history and playing are all covered within the first two months of the course.  Developing skills and music appreciation are the objectives for the remainder of the year.

Vincent Massey and its Music Parents Association believe that music should be available to all students.  If the music fees are a challenge, assistance can be provided through either the school or the Music Parents’ Association.


FINE ARTS 7   One Semester

In Fine Arts7, you will explore your own creativity through a series of amazing drama projects and corresponding Art projects.  You will play high-energy drama games, learn to act like different characters, and create and stage your own scenes.  Units will focus around the main disciplines of drama which include Movement, Speech, Acting/Improvisation, and Technical Theatre (props, costumes, set, etc).  Above all, we will have lots of fun!  If you like acting, creating and moving around then this is the class for you.


FOODS 7     One Semester

Do you like watching MasterChef and seeing Gordon Ramsay prepare and plate an amazing dish? Then Foods is the class for you!

At Vincent Massey we have an extensive Foods program that will skyrocket your skills. You will learn to make a variety of dishes, which will end with a final cooking competition with world famous judges.

If you enjoy a “hands-on” learning atmosphere then you will want to take this cooking course.  In Foods, students will prepare a variety of dishes, such as, birthday cake cookies, pizza biscuits, red velvet pancakes, potato gnocchi and many more.

Students are given the opportunity to join our foods club where we create, prepare and sell a variety of dishes in our very own “cafe Massey”.   

Foods class is an option you will never regret taking!

Fashion 7

Fashion 7 is a course that introduces students to sewing; no previous experience is necessary and it is a course enjoyed by both boys and girls. This option is hands-on, with the focus on developing sewing construction skills in the process of creating some fun projects. Students will develop knowledge and skills required to safely use and operate the sewing machine and iron, as well as the use of different sewing tools. Students will start to learn about career possibilities that could incorporate the skills introduced in this portion of the FOODS/FASHION 7 course.


LEADERSHIP 7     One Semester

Students will begin to learn some of the skills needed to be successful in life and become leaders in their school. They will help with activities and events around the school. Leadership students will gain experience in leadership-type roles and will obtain an understanding of different leadership styles. They will learn how to speak in public, how to present information effectively, and other leadership skills.

Further, students will begin exploring different career options and areas of personal interest and growth and finances. Dependant on student interests and skills, other modules may be included.


MULTIMEDIA 7   One Semester

A general survey course of various computer based artistic disciplines. The four modules that we study are audio mixing (Audacity), image manipulation (GIMP/Photoshop CC), film manipulation (Premiere Pro CC), and web design (Google Sites). Some examples of projects include custom ringtones, comedic political posters, stickers of student designed logos, short film advertisements, and an individualized website on which they will showcase their work.


OUTDOOR EDUCATION 7     One Semester

This class offers an introduction to the Junior High Environmental and Outdoor Education course of studies.  Students will be introduced to a variety of topics including trees, forests, fresh water, prairie grasslands, as well as alpine and human environments.

Personal and group development will be fostered through activities and games undertaken in class, as well as during planned field trips.  Depending on the season, a variety of outdoor skills will be introduced such as cross-country skiing, map skills, outdoor cooking, hiking, etc.  There will be an emphasis on developing awareness for safe habits and attitudes when participating in activities or using equipment.

An opportunity for optional activities and field trips exists for those who desire more exposure to challenge.  Destinations may include:  Camp Chief Hector, Canada Olympic Park, and sites in Kananaskis Country.


COMPUTER SCIENCE 7         One Semester

During a semester, students use Arduino & Raspberry Pi microcontrollers to assemble and control simple circuits, culminating in the assembly and programming of a robot. Students are also introduced to the basics of coding in a variety of languages (Python, C, HTML5), and code an HTML website to showcase their work.




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