Our Staff


Mrs. Rhonda Williams | rmwilliams@cbe.ab.ca

Acting Assistant Principal

Mr. Brian Unterschultz | unterschultz@cbe.ab.ca

Teaching Staff

Ms. Pearson  (Learning Leader) email: lepearson@cbe.ab.ca
Ms. Miller email: limiller@cbe.ab.ca

EES Class

Ms. Barnhart email: lebarnhart@cbe.ab.ca

Ms. Meehan email: jemeehan@cbe.ab.ca

Grade 1/2

Ms. Emilsson email: jsemilsson@cbe.ab.ca

Ms. Slaght email: jeslaght@cbe.ab.ca

Ms. Moore (Learning Leader) email: klmoore@cbe.ab.ca

Grade 3/4 Ms. Joly email: lsjoly@cbe.ab.ca
Ms. Cook email: pncook@cbe.ab.ca
Ms. Marcotte Mamarcotte@cbe.ab.ca
Ms. Moorhead Clmoorhead@cbe.ab.ca

Grade 5/6

Ms. Dorma email: tedorma@cbe.ab.ca

Ms. Minnis email: jaminnis@cbe.ab.ca

Ms. Hume email: smhume@cbe.ab.ca


Ms. Dickson email: Amdickson@cbe.ab.ca

Support Staff

Administrative Secretary

Ms. Dolby

Library Assistant

Ms. May

Educational Assistants

Ms. Florian

Ms. Rawal

Ms. Balobina
Ms. Wood
Ms. Yee

Facility Operators

Mr. Asefa Seyoum

Ms. Huiqiong (Linda) Lu

School Assistant

Ms. Deborah Huculak

Lunchroom Supervisors

Ms. Andrew (On Leave)

Ms. Lee

Ms. Hafeez


These Twitter accounts are administered by the Kindergarten teachers at West Dalhousie School. We update and monitor these accounts intermittently throughout the day. We ask that anyone interacting with us through the feeds be respectful and constructive, and respect our diverse population.   We cannot commit to replying individually to all messages received via Twitter. For official correspondence, please email your student's teacher.

See our Classes & Departments page for links to our teacher and/or classroom blogs.

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