Student Showcase

Peace Is ....

Students in Grades 3 and 4 built this movie for Remembrance Day. Peace Is...

Kindergarten Spotlights

Alphabet Super Stars!

We did it!! We accomplishes ABCBOOTCAMP! And we’re now letter superstars! So how do superstars celebrate? With a fashion show of course!

Yes everyone, we had an ABCFashion Show in kindergarten and it was epic fun! We sent home a paper bag vest with each child. Each bag was labeled with a letter. The children worked with their families to find pictures that started with their letter. They returned the vests to school so we could walk the runway. I loved the creativity in each vest and loved to hear the positive comments from parents and kids about the project!

During the fashion show, the kindergartens walked the red carpet runway, modeling their haute couture to the tunes of “What do the Letters Say? And let me just say, RuPaul would be proud. Some of my most reserved kiddos had the most attitude on the runway. It was epic!!!!


Grade 1/2 Spotlights

Immersed in Writing!

We started by hearing a tale about a grumpy bear who was sleeping in a cave. Many animals came along and needed a warm place to sleep? Ask me to tell you the rest of the story!I am an expert storyteller, and I can remember the beginning, middle and end of this very interesting story. We were so inspired that we wanted to write our own story. But where to begin?

We learned the importance of planning our work by using brainstorming templates to help us draw pictures and print words to get all of our ideas out of our imaginations and onto paper. After careful planning time, we begin to put our ideas together to write a story of our own.No two stories are alike! We have learned the importance of revising our work by sharing our writing with peers and having a “writers conference” with the teacher. This helps us to be reflective with our work and add juicy words to make our stories interesting. The best part is publishing our hard work. Now we have a finished piece of writing that we are not just the authors of, but the illustrators as well. We can’t wait to share our newly published pieces of work with you!

Grade 3/4 Spotlights

Designing and Building Instruments from Recycled Materials!

Grade 3/4 Students have been busy working in groups to research, design, build and play an instrument using recycled materials! Students were excited to reuse items and experiment with how to make sounds by plucking elastics, hitting
Kleenex boxes, or blowing air into straws. They combined their instruments and expertise of sound to create patterned rhythms in groups!

Grade 5/6 Spotlights

Multiplication and Array Cities Math and Art Collide!

Piet Mondrian was born on March 7th, 1872 and was a Dutch painter and a theoretician. His artwork started out as drawing of landscapes and little blurbs of color. Many people asked, "Why don't you color it all?" After a few years he suddenly got interested in pixel art. He had such a big influence on the 20th Century art. His art had a variety of simple colors and lines like our Mondrian art puzzles. Math Pickle's Mondrian Art Puzzle is influences by this famous artist! This puzzle was about you trying to get a low score on only a square grid. The rules were as follows: You had to try to get the lowest score possible by subtracting the area of your lowest rectangle from the area of the highest rectangle. In addition, you had to color the rectangles with the minimal amount of colors and the same colors could not touch. 

By Grade 5/6 Student

The Evolution of Flight

The grade 5/6s had the opportunity the develop an understanding of the evolution of flight by attending the Hangar Flight Museum. Students learned about the Theory of Flight including: Bernoulli's Principle, the forces of flight, Newton's Laws of Motion & the control surfaces of aircraft, all while exploring the museum's aircraft collection. Students also had the opportunity to build, test and evaluate flying devices including: gliders, parachutes and helicopters.

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