Lunchtime Attendance Line: 403-777-6110 ext. 1

Lunch Supervision

The Lunch Supervision program requires registration and is available to all students in Grades K-6. There is a fee to participate, and a waiver process is in place for families who cannot afford to pay fees. Please contact the office regarding payment. Please visit our Lunch Supervision page for more information.

Division 1 lunch is from 11:10-11:50 (Grades EES & K-2)

Division 2  lunch is from  12:00-12:40 (Grades 3-6)


Every year, it seems, there are occasions when a child is absent from the lunchroom (either staying home, at an appointment or going to a friend's for lunch). Please make sure you have signed out your child at the office so that we know not to expect them in the lunchroom program for that day.

Students are required to sign out when leaving the building for lunch and sign back in when they return unless this is their normal routine.


Please note that there are no hot water, oven, or microwave ovens available for heating up foods. After the children finish their lunches, they will be playing outside except on extremely cold or wet days. Therefore, we request your child be dressed appropriately for changing outdoor weather.


Additionally, we have children at our school who are allergic to nuts and related nut products. We strongly discourage parents from sending foods and beverages that contain common allergens such as peanuts and tree nuts. If students are exposed to allergens they must immediately wash their hands and the surfaces they have touched. School staff will ensure that this occurs to the best of their ability. Teachers, lunchroom supervisors, and facility operators may not be aware that students have brought food with allergens to school or that students have been exposed to them.

Parents must indicate any special health concerns on the school registration for their child and are encouraged to ensure classroom teachers are also aware of health issues. For more information about this and other health concerns visit our Illness & Medical page.

Drop-In Lunch Program

A drop-in program will also be offered at $5.00 per lunch per day. This fee will be added to PowerSchool once you register. Registration for drop-in is required. To register please contact the administrative secretary Ms. Dolby at 403-777-6110. We request one day's notice when possible to ensure adequate staff for supervision.

Healthy Hunger Grades K-6 2023-24

We will begin to offer Healthy Hunger Fun Lunches and snacks on various days throughout the school year! The purchasing of lunches and snacks will go towards supporting field trips, residencies, physical education equipment, and other fun opportunities! 

Please register or log in at if you’re interested in ordering lunches for your student(s). Please make sure when you register your child they are assigned to the correct school and homeroom.  Once registered you will receive notification directly from Healthy Hunger of any upcoming lunch. The order forms close 5 days before the fun lunch and you can anticipate lunches on the following dates: 

September 21, 2023 - Subway
October 18, 2023 - Opa
November 16, 2023 - Panago
December 20, 2023 - Subway
January 18, 2024 - Opa
February 21, 2024 - Panago
March 21, 2024 - Edo
April 17, 2024 - Subway
May 16, 2024 - Opa
June 19, 2024 - Panago

* Special Snack Days: October 31, November 15, and December 22 Kernels Popcorns

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