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Revised Date for Hub Course Information
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Mask Guidelines for Students and Staff Now Available
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Four CBE Students Named to Education Minister’s Youth Council
  • Revised Date for Hub Course Information

  • Mask Guidelines for Students and Staff Now Available

  • Four CBE Students Named to Education Minister’s Youth Council

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Principal's Message

School Re-Entry August 28 2020

Please read carefully the information to gain an understanding of the measures we are taking to provide for the safety and health of our students. The CBE will continue to make adjustments as our context changes. While this plan is set for now, updates are expected via the CBE corporate website. Parents are advised to check regularly. We are asking that families start the first day back to classes with our new procedure. Please print a copy of the COVID self-screening questionnaire linked under the Back to School section of this website. It is necessary that students be assessed using the Self-screening Questionnaire daily before school. Students showing symptoms listed on the Self-screening Questionnaire must remain home. 
Staggered Start to School Year: We are beginning our school year by limiting the number of students entering the school over the first two days. The purpose of the plan is: 
▪ to ease the transition of students into school, 
▪ to spend time with smaller groups familiarizing them with our health measures and allow for them to find their way to their classes, 
▪ to teach the protocols of our health measures with fewer students in the school. 
Tuesday, September 1 Morning: Half of our Grade 10s – Last name A – K (9:00 - 11:30 am) 
Afternoon: Half of our Grade 10s – Last name L – Z (12:15 – 3:00 pm) 
Wednesday, September 2 Morning: Grade 11s only (9:00am – 11:50 am)/ Afternoon: Grade 12s only (12:30 pm – 3:20 pm) 
Thursday, September 3 Grades 10, 11, 12 (9:00 am – 1:20 pm) – modified schedule (no lunch) 
Friday, September 4 Grades 10, 11, 12 (9:00 am – 1:20 pm) – modified schedule (no lunch) 
Please note on Sept 2 from 3:30 – 5:30 pm we will be holding a socially distanced photo session for all grades afterschool for those who missed getting a photo.
Health Measures: 
▪ Hand Washing: Students will be instructed on the location of hand sanitizers and reminded to use them frequently. 
▪ Hand sanitizing stations are located in entrances, exits, classrooms without sinks and near high touch equipment. 
▪ Students are expected to use the hand sanitizer each time they enter and exit the school and frequently throughout the day. 
▪ Thorough hand washing with soap and water is also recommended when possible. 
▪ Illness at school: 
▪ Students exhibiting signs of illness will be moved to a safe location close to the main office. This area will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after the student has left. 
▪ It is critical parents/guardians or a pre-identified emergency contact pick up an ill child within an hour of being contacted by the school.
▪ Masks: 
▪ Masks are mandated from kindergarten to grade 12. 
▪ This includes classrooms and public spaces such as hallways, learning commons, bathrooms, etc. 
▪ Mask guidelines were sent out by email to families earlier this week. 
▪ Volunteers and Guest Visitors: 
▪ Although volunteers are valued members of our community in their support of our students, to minimize outside contact of established student cohorts, there will be no volunteers working in the school. Individuals are encouraged to communicate with the school through email or by phone. 
▪ In-person guests such as guest speakers and artists in residence will not be invited into schools to minimize outside contact of established cohorts. 
▪ These decisions will be revisited throughout the year. 
Physical Set-up of Schools:
Physical Distancing: Schools will arrange and monitor physical distancing when and where possible as outlined in the Guidance for School Re-Entry – Scenario 1. 
▪ Classroom set-up. 
▪ Desks are arranged in rows with students facing forward. 
▪ Number of students will be limited at tables. 
▪ Seating plans are mandatory and will be in place for every class. 
▪ Cohorts: Each student in high school follows a personalized timetable. Each class in which a student is enrolled is considered a cohort.  
▪ Common Areas: Consideration has been given to managing student numbers where students often gather. Students will be limited to gatherings of less than 100 students. 
▪ Students will be taught the expectations for lunch time practices to reduce social distancing 
▪ Cafeteria – we will be limiting our cafeteria to 100 with social distancing practices in place and supervision 
▪ Classrooms and gyms will be opened up to reduce the numbers who eat in the hallway with teacher supervision 
▪ Hallway supervisors will be patrolling the hallway to assist with social distancing. 
▪ Learning Commons: 
The number of chairs will be limited per table. Students will be expected to be seated at a table or computer and chairs cannot be moved around. Books and other resources will be brought to the student by the librarians to reduce touchpoints. 
▪ We will be limiting the numbers of students who can come into the library at lunch to allow for social distancing. 
▪ Lunch: 
Cafeterias will follow the Alberta government’s strict COVID-19 health guidelines. School settings will limit student gatherings to less than 100 students. Students are not to share food or drinks. 
▪ Students will be able to eat in the designated locations.
▪ Students will be encouraged to leave the school for fresh air. 
▪ Each grade will be assigned a set of locations (classrooms/ and designated gyms) in which they can go to eat their lunches. Each location will have a limited number of students. 
▪ There will be physical distancing measures in place, e.g. chairs removed, spaced out, taped off sections. 
▪ Water bottles: Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles to fill and have available over lunch and at their desks during the day. As a high touch area, water fountains will be sanitized regularly. The use of water bottles will also limit movement in the hallways. 
Storage of Student Belongings/Change Rooms: 
▪ Lockers: In order to support physical distancing, no lockers will be used. This will allow for better traffic flow and less lingering during class changes. Lockers will be locked. Locker use will be re-visited throughout the year. 
▪ Change Rooms: 
▪ There will be limited access to locker rooms to prevent gathering. 
▪ Capacity will be limited and physical distancing protocols followed when use is necessary. Floor markings will be used to indicate where students must stand when changing to ensure adequate spacing. 
▪ The entry and exit of students into a locker/change room will be monitored and staggered in order to provide physical distancing. 
▪ Students are to hand wash/sanitize upon entering and exiting. 
▪ Students will need to remove their belongings from the locker/change room. 
▪ Locker rooms will be disinfected between classes/cohorts.
Movement in school: We are minimizing occasions of large gatherings of students and managing movement overall of students in the hallways. 
▪ We will have one-way staircases and social distanced 2 way staircases, oneway hallways & dual path hallways in some places that have directions where students go when they arrive in the building to prevent large gatherings occurring. 
▪ Arrival and departure times at school are the busiest times for our school. 
To assist in the movement of students and to support physical distancing we are implementing the following: 
▪ Walking students: students are discouraged from arriving early and staying at school after dismissal. 
▪ Students on spares: Students in high school have personalized learning schedules. 
To manage the movement of students in our building during times students are not in class, we have established the following guidelines: 
▪ Students will be allowed into the cafeteria and library with social distancing measures in place. 
▪ First block and last block – Students will be encouraged to not enter or leave the building if they have spares in these periods to reduce overall numbers in the building. 
▪ Tutorial time in the mornings will be based on the 1st class you have that day and will allow for a “soft” entrance time for students. The tutorial time at the end of the day will be set up for the last class students have and will allow for fewer students exiting at the same time or a “soft” time for exits at end of day. This will reduce the number of students entering and exiting the hallways at the same time. 
The health and safety of your child will remain a priority for our school and we will keep you updated as new information becomes available. As mentioned, detailed information for the guidelines for safety and health for all schools is available on CBE’s Scenario 1 Information website. We are confident that, as a community, we will soon adjust to our new protocols and practices. We look forward to welcoming our students back to school and resuming our time together as a positive and caring learning community.

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RT @UsihChristopher: Important: Parents/guardians are required to assess students daily for symptoms of COVID-19 before the start of the school day using the daily screening questionnaire (checklist), available here: Anyone who is experiencing symptoms cannot enter a school.

Students registered for hub online will receive an email by end of day Wednesday with a teacher introduction, info about how and where to log in and more. Check for more details. #cbehub #yycbe

Today is the first public Board meeting of the 2020-21 school year. We invite you to stream the meeting online starting at noon #yycbe

The Ship to Shore program was piloted in three of our schools last year, connecting CBE students with the Royal Canadian Navy, HMCS Calgary and HMCS Tecumseh. #WeAreCBE @HMCSNCSMCalgary @RoyalCanNavy

Thank you to all of our students, families and staff for a successful first week of in-person classes! Have a great long weekend, classes resume on Tues. Sept 8 #WeAreCBE

EducationMatters has launched a fundraising campaign to support the back to school needs of CBE students. The campaign will raise money for the purchase of backpacks and school supplies that students can take home. #yycbe #WeAreCBE

RT @cityofcalgary: Playground zones are in effect year-round from 7:30am-9pm, but we’re reminding motorists to slow down as schools are back in session. Be aware. Be safe. Stay alert. Reduce your speed to 30km/h when driving through a playground zone.

Today is the first official day of classes for CBE schools. Whether you start in-person classes today or later this week, or you are learning at home, we are excited to welcome you back! #WeAreCBE

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