WCHS behaviour policies have been developed from the Education Act and CBE Administrative Regulations dealing with behavioural issues.

The Education Act of Alberta

Education Act. Part 3, Division 1, Section 31 refers to student responsibilities:

Student responsibilities 31 A student, as a partner in education, has the responsibility to  

  • Attend school regularly and punctually,  
  • Be ready to learn and actively engage in and diligently pursue the student’s education,  
  • Ensure that the student’s conduct contributes to a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment that respects diversity and fosters a sense of belonging, 
  • Respect the rights of others in the school,  
  • refrain from, report and not tolerate bullying or bullying behaviour directed toward others in the school, whether or not it occurs within the school building, during the school day or by electronic means,  
  • Comply with the rules of the school and the policies of the board,  
  • Co-operate with everyone authorized by the board to provide education programs and other services,  
  • Be accountable to the student’s teachers and other school staff for the student’s conduct, and  
  • Positively contribute to the student’s school and community.

Behaviour Expectations

Our expectations are that all students at Western will:

  • treat each other and all school personnel with courtesy and respect;
  • demonstrate concern for the rights and property of others;
  • respect the rights of others to learn and to teach;
  • help keep our school environment clean and litter free;
  • not visit the campuses of other schools or invite guests to our campus during regular school hours.

Unacceptable Student Behaviors

CBE schools will take firm and decisive action with students who cause or threaten harm to persons or property. When found responsible for serious misconduct, students face formal suspension and/or expulsion, and/or referral to police.

Examples of unacceptable behaviour include, but are not limited to:

  • disruptive or dangerous behaviour and defiance of authority;
  • encouraging unacceptable conduct and engaging in conduct which endangers others;
  • any conduct which is injurious to the physical, social or mental well-being of others;
  • use, display or distribution of improper, obscene or abusive language, messages, gestures or pictures;
  • discriminatory behavior;
  • use of technology such as computers, cameras, cell phones, and other digital equipment for purposes that are illegal, unethical, immoral, or inappropriate;
  • theft, including theft of identity and intellectual property;
  • use, possession, distribution, or collection of money for illicit drugs, alcohol, or inhalants in school, on school board property or in the context of any school-related activity;
  • willful damage to school property or property of others;
  • involvement in the formation or affiliation with gangs or other groups which negatively impact the school environment;
  • hazing and initiation activities;
  • use, possession, sale, distribution of or active contact with a weapon on a student’s person, on or in the vicinity of school board property;
  • interfering with the orderly conduct of classes or the school;

n) criminal activity.


Students have a responsibility to not participate in or tolerate bullying while on school property, participating in school events, traveling to and from school, or in any other circumstances that may impact the school environment.

Students who are subject to or a witness of bullying, harassment, unwanted behaviours, or conduct that interferes with maintaining a welcome, caring, respectful and safe environment, should report that conduct to a classroom teacher, an advisor, guidance counsellor, or any other staff member with whom they feel comfortable.

Reports of bullying, harassment and unwanted behaviors or unacceptable conduct should be made in a timely manner. Administration will assess, and where warranted investigate and respond to all reports of bullying.

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