Career Planning Process

Your career is the sum total of your life experiences. If includes your paid and unpaid work, your community and volunteer activities, and your family activities. Your career is like your “life story” – it is made up of all the work, recreation, community and family roles that you take on throughout your life.

The following website can be used to better understand the career management process and help you to make informed decisions about your future:

Step 1: Who Am I?

You are unique: Get to know yourself! Self-assessments can assist you to learn more about your Interests, Skills & Abilities, Personality Style and Values. Each of these four areas provides important information about the person that you are AND aspects to consider for your future choices!

Use the Personal Profile to keep track of your findings about yourself – Download it and save it to your hard drive! This will also be helpful for you in CALM! 

myBlueprint Career & High School Planner

myBlueprint is an interactive education, career, pathways and life planner. The tool can help you to explore and build your high school course plan and inform your course choices.

login: (use your educbe email address and password)

Self-Assessment Tools

Learn more about who you are and what you want in work and life. Please complete at least one self-assessment from each of the following areas and enter your findings on your Personal Profile.


  • myBlueprint  Visit this site to use the assessment tools, plan for high school, explore and compare occupations/careers, find opportunities, create resumes, set goals, action plans and build you own career portfolio
    Login: your CBE edu email address & password (Don’t forget to use this tool for IT10 & CALM!)
  • Calgary Youth Employment Centre

Skills & Abilities

Personality Style

  • Type Focus This personality type assessment will help you to identify occaupations athat potentially fit with you personality type.
  • The Career Interests Game  Imagine working into a room in which there are six groups of people already interacting. Read the descriptions of each group and list the group you would like to meet first, then second, and then finally your third choice.
  • Work Preference Quiz  Do you prefer directive, social, methodical, objective or innovative work? Complete the work preference inventory to get a list of occupations that match your preferences. The way you like to work are an important aspect to consider in deciding on a career direction. 


  • Work Values Quiz Your values are important clues to what kind of work and work conditions you would like. The Work Values Quiz can help you determine your work motivations, your preferred work setting, how you like to interact with others, and your work style. 

Favorite Subjects

Do you know that your favourite subject in school can tell you a lot about your perfect job? Download Service Canada’s What’s Your Favourite Subject? brochures to see how your interests can lead you to making the right career choice

What's Your Favorite Subject? Your favourite subjects provide clues about the type of work and work enivornment that will appeal to you.

Positive Experiences. Record your findings on your Personal Profile.

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