Western Canada High School Clubs & Associations: 2022-23 

[updated: September 22, 2022]

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Clubs versus Associations: 

At WCHS, our Staff values the leadership of students in both Clubs and Associations.  We recognize our school culture is enhanced by the many opportunities' student leaders create for their peers.  What is the key difference?  Clubs typically include elements that require a significant level of extra support from teachers (budget, off-site activities).  Given the dynamic nature of our student population, the creation of Associations is essential to support the exceptional leadership of our student body.  As a school community, we highly value both Clubs and Associations. 

At WCHS, we support the concept of an Association:

Students work independently in groups without the dedicated support of a teacher sponsor.   There is limited teacher involvement with students typically meeting on Tuesday and/or Wednesday after school in the library. 

  • Students will meet with like-minded peers and self-organize.  
  • The day-to-day functions of the Association are carried out by student members. 
  • Ms. Wesolowsky and Ms. Cebrecos will be on site to offer immediate support on Tuesday and Wednesday after school in the library.  
  • Associations do not receive a yearly budget or participate in off-site activities. 
  • Should significant issues or questions arise, please immediately reach out to Ms. Scharf ( 

Starting date: Tuesday September 20th, 2022  

Students seeking to become an official Club are encouraged to participate in an Association.  Please use this time to build a team of like-minded followers while developing a vision as you seek to gain momentum with your Club concept.  Key: you will need to find a teacher sponsor.  Please see the “2022-23 Club Application” for details on how to move from an Association to a Club.  (Application to be posted in early September).   

Expectations for WCHS Clubs and Associations: 

Front Foyer Bookings: In order to use the foyer, you need to prebook the site.  In June 2022, this opportunity was provided.  See link: Front Foyer Calendar 2022-23  If you still hope to book the foyer, please email Ms. scharf ( or Mr. Fuhr ( 

Mini Posters: When creating advertising for your activities, please be sensitive to a foundational principle: at WCHS (and the CBE), we support a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment.  All mini posters must be approved by the main office.  A signature will be provided by the Administration in the bottom right-hand corner.  Please provide 24-hour notice for approval. 

Bulletin Boards: Each bulletin board has a small sign in the bottom right-hand corner identifying which Club has ownership of the board.  There are many public bulletin boards that are open to all school groups.  We encourage you to make your bulletin board neat and aesthetically pleasing. 

Please please please:

  • Do not use staples on the bulletin boards.  Thumb tacks are provided by the main office.  If you forget, we will ask your student group to remove the staples. 
  • Do not use tape on the walls.  Special putty is provided by the main office. 
  • Do not post mini posters on windows/doorways that impede vision through the door.  This is a safety issue. 

Admin contact: (;;;; ) 


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