Business Administration, Finance & Information Technology (BIT)

General Business Studies

Information Processing 10 (5 credits)

This is an introductory course for students interested in learning fundamental technology tools & developing key employability skills necessary to be successful in the worlds of work and study. Students explore potential career and post-secondary options, and complete a workplace health and safety unit. This course consists of five modules worth one credit each.

Business Studies Multilevel  (5 credits)

This introductory course is for Gr. 10 or 11 students thinking of pursuing a career in business  through entrepreneurship or through business studies after high school. Learn about the business environment, basic management and presentation techniques, the steps to launching your own business, and the elements of successful entrepreneurship. 

Business Studies Intermediate and Advanced (5 credits each)

Business Studies 20 
Suggested Pre-requisite: Business 10

This course is for Gr. 11 or 12 students interested in running their own business. Students develop entrepreneurial skills while engaging in hands-on activities that explore basic business concepts, marketing, advertising, finance, and production. Students go through the stages of running a business venture in small groups. Students will also learn the elements of basic business accounting and financial reporting to see how business professionals use Excel spreadsheets for the purpose of strategic decision making.

Business Studies 30 
 Pre-requisite: Business 20

This course introduces students to basic Business and Management principles in national and international business environments. Topics discussed include: business organisation, trade theories, and the basics of international monetary and political systems. Students also touch upon human resources strategy, leadership, and motivation in the workplace, and learn about national and global organizational business structures, management theories, economics, and organizations as working units. Students also learn to examine business decisions from a local, provincial, national, and global context.

IB Business Management

IB Business Management Intro (5 credits)  

This course is for students enrolled in IB. Students identify basic management and marketing concepts, explore organizational structures, management theories, the nature of business, organizational planning and decision making, business impacts of globalization, and the management of change.

IB Business Management Intermediate and Advanced* (5 Credits)

Pre-requisite: Business Intro IB
*Pre-requisite: Business Inter IB

This course is for students enrolled in IB. Students expand on skills learned in IB Business Intro, in the areas of business and commerce, including the exploration of topics such as: Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, and Operations Management. Students conduct in-depth analysis of a business, including: its product offering, management structure and hiring, financial position, production processes, operations, and marketing strategy.

Computing Science

Robotics Intro and Computing Science 10 (6 credits)

Students are introduced to robotics and computer programming. Students will spend approximately 9 weeks in each focus area. In Computing Science, students develop skills in the C++ structured programming language, learn basic problem solving techniques, and learn fundamental computer science concepts. During robotics at the introductory /  exploratory level, students learn about robotic systems and structures. Students learn to identify and build several robots and use sensors with a variety of platforms. Students learn about electrical components, build a light-following robot, and are introduced to VEX robotics and programming using RobotC. An extensive amount of practical work occurs during each of
the nine week courses. This course provides prerequisites for further studies in Robotics 2 and/or Computing Science 2.

Computing Science 20 (5 Credits)

Prerequisite: Robotics Intro & Comp Sci Beginner
Students continue to develop mastery of computer and programming concepts using C++ and Java computer languages with hands-on algorithm and program development. Students focus on writing computer programs to solve problems. Concepts include computer science skills, use of functions, use of arrays and structs, file writing skills, as well as the ability to program in a second language. Strong mathematical and problem solving recommended.

Computing Science 30 (5 Credits)

Prerequisite: Comp. Sci. Intermediate
Students develop mastery of advanced concepts of computers and programming using the C++ and Java computer languages with hands-on algorithm and program development. Students will learn new methods of  problem solving and algorithm development. Concepts include computer science concept skills, searching and sorting methods, object oriented programming, derived classes and interfaces, as well as the ability to program with derived data types in a second language.

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