Media, Design & Communication (MDC)

Communication Technology

Digital Media & Communication Introductory / Media & Film (6 Credits)

This course is designed to introduce students to digital media software, film production and editing. This course explore both film making and the technological tools involved. Explore concepts such as mise en scene, sound, lighting, camera shots, angles and movement before delving more deeply into theoretical issues like movie genres, pre-production/production and post-production, roles of filmmakers and Canada’s influence in film. End the semester by applying your understanding of film making concepts and techniques through filming and editing. Students will learn basic  software like Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, & After Effects.

Digital Media & Communication Intermediate & Advanced / Media & Film ML (6 Credits)

Prerequisite: Digital Media & Communication Beg. 

This course builds upon the skills and techniques acquired in the introductory level. The emphasis of Film and Media Art  explores the developing social, cultural, historical and technical forces impacted and reflected by film. Students are challenged to master the critical, analytical and technical aspects of filmmaking. The digital media aspect of the course develops skills in photography, video production, film editing, audio production and animation that will then be integrated into a personalized project where they will produce an original script and storyboard for a short film, and produce it for DVD.

Design Studies

Design Studies Introductory (5 Credits)

This introductory course is for students interested in architectural design as it applies to residential home design as well as the fundamentals of drawing used by mechanical and product engineers, architects, urban planners and interior designers. Students start the semester by exploring various drawing techniques before exploring digital skills using AutoCAD, Inventor, and Revit. The final part of the course has students working through a hands-on 3D modelling project using the the design process for problem-solving. This project is driven by student interest and choice. 

Design Studies Intermediate (5 Credits)

Prerequisite: Des. Studies Intro
This course is for students interested in designing houses and / or considering a career as an Interior Designer, Architect or Architectural Technologist. Learn AutoCAD Revit and work on a submission to a local Architectural Design Competition for the change to win a scholarship. Finally, learn about physical 3D modelling to construct a scale model prototypes using modelling material like foam core, cardboard, and cardstock. 

Design Studies Advanced (5 Credits)

Prerequisite: Design Studies Intermediate
Students use skills from previous levels to work on self-selected projects in industrial, architectural, or engineering design. In addition, they will identify a competition of interest in the design field they would like to enter. Students then propose, create, model and present their work using approved industry standard methodologies. Advanced Level Design Studies deals with residential design, industrial design and scale model prototyping.

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