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Robotics is a forward-looking and exciting program that incorporates robotics and computer programming with theory, practical hands-on challenges and experience. Students build and design several different robots using circuit board fabrication and platforms such as Lego Mindstorms, VEX Robotics and Arduino.

Robotics Introductory paired with Computing Science 10 (6 credits)

Fee: $35.00 
Students are introduced to robotics and computer programming. Students will spend approximately 9 weeks in each focus area. In Computing Science, students develop skills in the C++ structured programming language, learn basic problem solving techniques, and learn fundamental computer science concepts. During robotics at the introductory /  exploratory level, students learn about robotic systems and structures. Students learn to identify and build several robots and use sensors with a variety of platforms. Students learn about electrical components, build a light-following robot, and are introduced to VEX robotics and programming using RobotC. An extensive amount of practical work occurs during each of the nine week courses. This course provides prerequisites for further studies in Robotics 2 and/or Computing Science 2.Robotics Intermediate (5 Credits)

Robotics Intermediate (5 Credits)

Prerequisite: Robotics Introductory and Computing Sci 10
Fee: $50.00

Robotics Intermediate focuses on building and design of robots and also integrates fabrication and design of printed circuit boards. Students are introduced to a variety of sensors including; gyroscopic, ultrasonic distance sensors, shaft encoders. Students incorporate these sensors into custom robot designs using two main robotics/electronics platforms which are Arduino and Vex Robotics. Programming for the robots is performed in Robot C and students develop code for autonomous and remote control robot designs. Students work on a variety of robot designs and challenges including robots that can play soccer, navigate mazes, drive through obstacle courses and even climb stairs! Overall the course is exciting and is a hands on experience, the students are working with their robots and equipment every day of the course.

Robotics Advanced (5 Credits)

Prerequisite: Robotics Intermediate
Fee: $50.00
Robotics 3 focuses on design of robots and allows students to further develop their knowledge and skills regarding programming, robot design and subsystems using platforms such as VEX and Arduino. Students also design, program and construct other robots and custom electronics projects.

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