Fine Arts Certificate

Western Canada High School offers a Fine Arts Certificate through the Calgary Board of Education. This certificate recognizes students who have made the Fine Arts a focus of learning at the high school level. While attaining the certificate, each student will explore a vision of life as an artist. This exploration may be career-oriented, or could simply be a means of self-discovery. This certificate represents immersion in and commitment to the Fine and Performing Arts programs offered by the Calgary Board of Education.

Students who are interested in obtaining the Fine and Performing Arts Certificate must acquire 35 Calgary Board of Education Fine Arts course credits. Students may choose 30 credits from the Fine Arts courses listed. The Leadership in the Arts 35 course is used to complete the 35 credits. 

Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
Art 10
Art 10 Cohort IB
Art 20
Advanced Art 25
Art 20 IB
Art 30
Advanced Art 35
Art 30 IB
Dance 15Dance 25Dance 35
Design Studies 1
Digital Media 1
Design Studies 2
Digital Media 2
Design Studies 3
Digital Media 3
Drama 10
Technical Theatre 15
Drama 20
Technical Theatre 25
Advanced Acting 25
Drama 30
Technical Theatre 35
Advanced Acting 35
Film Studies 15Film Studies 25Film Studies 35
Band 10 & Band 15AM
Band 10AM
Chamber Ensemble 15
Choral 10
Choral 15
Electronic Music 10
Jazz Band 15
Jazz Studies 15
Vocal Jazz 15
Band 20 & Band 25AM
Band 20AM
Chamber Ensemble 25
Choral 20
Choral 25
Electronic Music 20
Jazz Band 25
Jazz Studies 25
Vocal Jazz 25
Band 30 & Band 35AM
Band 30AM
Chamber Ensemble 35
Choral 30
Choral 35
Electronic Music 30
Jazz Band 35
Jazz Studies 35
Vocal Jazz 35
Leadership in the Arts 35*

Leadership in the Arts 35* (formally known as PD in the Arts 35)

Once the students have met, or will meet, the minimum credit requirements, they will enroll in Leadership in the Arts 35. This course is intended for a grade 12 Fine & Performing Arts student who wishes to extend and demonstrate their understanding and growth as an artist. Successful completion of this course will result in the student receiving “Calgary Board of Education Fine & Performing Arts Certificate” at the end of their grade 12 year. Leadership in the Arts 35 allows
students to purposefully reflect upon learning experiences in the Fine Arts disciplines. This course will prepare students, regardless of their future careers, to continue to participate and be leaders in the Arts. Course work will include researching careers, post-secondary options, and personal reflections. Students will prepare a portfolio and have an exit interview. 

Learn more | contact Fine and Performing Arts Learning Leader Brendan Hagan t | 403-228-5363 ext. 2135

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