Learning a language empowers you to think, act and speak in diverse cultural settings and to move from one cultural setting to another with confidence. 

International Languages Certificate

Students who obtain 30 credits (15 in French Language Arts or French as a second language and 15 in Spanish) are eligible candidates for this certificate.

Spanish Language and Culture

Students who have had previous experience studying Spanish should indicate on their registration forms how many years they have studied it and during what grades. They will be invited to take a challenge/placement exam in June in order to determine their placement in the correct course.

Spanish Language and Culture 10-3Y (SPN 1345) - 5 Credits

Prerequisite: None

Spanish Language and Culture 20-3Y (SPN 2345) - 5 Credits

Prerequisite: Spanish 10 or equivalent

Spanish Language and Culture 30-3Y (SPN 3345) - 5 Credits

Prerequisite: Spanish 20 or equivalent

International Baccalaureate (IB) and Honours Spanish Language and Culture

This course sequence is intended primarily for potential IB students or honours students who wish to take the Diploma or Course Candidate Program but who have little or no instruction in Spanish. Students who have experience in French Immersion or any other Latin-based language should take this course if they wish to study Spanish.

Spanish 10-3Y Cohort IB/Honours (SPN 1345H)  - 5 Credits

Co-requisite: Register in at least one other pre-IB course or have studied in French Immersion

Spanish 20 IB/Honours ab initio (SPN 2345HA) - 5 Credits

Prerequisite: Spanish 10 cohort IB or equivalent

Spanish 30 IB/Honours ab initio (SL) (SPN 3345HA)  - 5 Credits

Prerequisite: Spanish 20IB/H or equivalent

Spanish 31 IB/Honours- Language B (SL) (SPN 3349HA) - 5 Credits

Prerequisite: 3 - 5 years Spanish instruction or SP30 IB/H or SP 30 with teacher recommendation

Spanish 35 IB/Honours- Language B (HL) (SPN 3895HA) - 5 Credits

Prerequisite: Spanish 31 IB/H / Spanish speaker / or teacher recommendation

French as a Second Language

French 10 - 3Y - Credits (FSL 1093) 

Prerequisite: None

French 20 - 3Y - 5 Credits (FSL 2093) 

Prerequisite: French 10 or equivalent - French in Junior High

French 30 - 3Y - 5 Credits (FSL 3093)

Prerequisite: French 20 or equivalent

International Baccalaureate (IB) French (FSL)

The ab initio program of the International Baccalaureate programme is for students with very  little or no experience in French. Students wishing to follow the ab initio option will take French 10-3Y cohort IB/H, French 20IB/H, and French 30 IB/H. The language B program of the International Baccalaureate is for students who have had between 3 to 5 years of experience in French. Students wishing to follow the Language B option will take FR 20 IB/H, FR 30 IB/H (SL), and FR 31 IB/H.

French 10 - 3Y Cohort IB/Honours (FSL 1093H) - 5 Credits

Prerequisite: Limited French instruction

French 20 IB/Honours (FSL 2093HB) - 5 Credits

Prerequisite: FR10 IB/H or >4 years French

French 30 IB/Honours ab initio (SL) (FSL 3093HB) - 5 Credits

Prerequisite: FR 20 IB/H

French 31 IB/Honours - Language B (SL) (FSL 3306HB) - 5 Credits

Prerequisite: FR 30IB/H (SL)

French Language Arts

All former French Immersion students, who do not wish to continue in French Immersion in high school, may challenge French 30 - 9Y and take Spanish 10 Cohort IB/H should they choose to study a language.

French Language Arts 10-1 - 5 Credits 

Prerequisite: FLA Grade 9

French Language Arts 20-1 - 5 Credits 

Prerequisite: FLA 10-1

French Language Arts 30 -1 - 5 Credits 

Prerequisite: FLA 20-1

International Baccalaureate (IB) French Immersion Programme 

French Language Arts 10-1 Cohort IB/H (FLA 1304H) - 5 Credits

Prerequisite: FLA Grade 9

French Language Arts 20-1 IB/H (HL) (FLA 2304HA) - 5 credits

Prerequisite: FLA 10-1 Cohort IB/H

French Language Arts 30 IB/H (HL) (FLA 2304HA) - 5 credits

Prerequisite: FLA 20 IB/H (HL)

FLA 20 IB/H and 30 IB/H (HL) 

Language B – Higher Level (HL)

  • Literature - a minimum of 2 works
  • Core: Social relationships, Communication and media, Global issues
  • 2 options: Health, Customs and Traditions, Leisure, Cultural diversity, Science & Technology

Theory of Knowledge component

  • investigates the link between the four ways of knowing: reason, emotion, perception and language
  • the language acquisition course seeks to enhance intercultural understanding


The learning of Latin opens up a door to a different way of thinking. Writers of Latin, whether of the Roman era or later, were bound by the structure of their language to different forms of expression than those of English or French writers. Reading the classical Latin writers reveals to the student the socio-political foundations of Western civilization and its origins in ancient civilization. These courses are a great prep for medical school.

Latin 10 - 5 credits (LAT 1325) 

Prerequisite: None
Nouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, Verbs – positive degree – complementary infinitives – commands (imperative active) – Sum interrogative words, simple questions – Pronouns (first, second, quis, quid) – Numerals one to ten – Expressions of place – Early History of Rome and civilization.

Latin 20 - 5 credits (LAT 2325) 

Prerequisite: Latin 10
Nouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, Verbs – comparison degree (regular and common irregular) – all tenses of all conjugations in passive voice – third person – Demonstratives (hi/ilille) – Datives (with adjectives, verbs, - Double Relative pronoun – Ablative absolute – Expressions of time – Caesar’s Time (history, Roman army, the people) and civilization.

Latin 30 - 5 credits (LAT 3325) 

Prerequisite: Latin 20
Medical terms coming from Latin-Infinitives – Indirect statement Participles, deponents and semi-deponents, Subjunctives Irregular verbs– conditional sentences – indirect questions and commands – verbs of fearing – expressions of purpose. Daily Life during the Empire (the family, the home, education, food, army).

Japanese Language & Culture

Konnichiwa! Explore the fascinating Japanese culture old and new while you learn the language. This course is intended for students who are beginning their study of Japanese language and culture in senior high school. Japanese learners will have the opportunity to travel to Japan and use their new skills. Every 3 years (2020, 2023) Western Canada High School
participates in a 2 week homestay exchange with Yamate Gakuin High School in Yokohama. 

Japanese Language and Culture 10 - 5 Credits (JLC 1097) 

Prerequisite: none
Japanese 10 is for students just beginning to study Japanese. Topics include; school, daily activities, time and weather, food, hobbies, and people around me. Language acquisition and culture are integral components.

Japanese Language and Culture 20 - 5 Credits (JLC 2097) 

Prerequisite: Japanese 10
Japanese 20 focuses on daily routine, clothing, travel, food, health, weather, phone conversations, festivals, sports and other fields of experiences that meet the needs and interests of the students. Emphasis is placed on continuing to learn about the culture and language acquisition. 

Japanese Language and Culture 30 - 5 Credits (JLC 3097) 

Prerequisite: Japanese 20
Japanese 30 is for those students who are able to demonstrate an extensive knowledge of the language and adapt to spontaneous situations. Topics include: arts, entertainment, holidays, history, the world or work, and technology. Students will continue to become global citizens by exploring Japanese culture.

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