Physical Education

Physical Education Alberta Curriculum

Physical Education supports you in acquiring skills through a variety of developmentally appropriate movement activities. You will gain experience within various physical activities assisting you in further understanding health and wellness benefits, promoting positive interactions and leading an active lifestyle.

Physical Education 10 - 5 Credits

Prerequisite: None
Fee: $55.00

PE 10 is a compulsory course for Grade 10 students as it is a required course for the Alberta High School Diploma. Students select activities in which to participate. The fee associated with this program covers: lock, guest presenters and off-campus activities. 

Physical Education 20 - 5 Credits

Prerequisite: Physical Education 10
Fee: $240.00 

The PE 20 program shifts from traditional activities to a program centered on lifetime activities. Although some activities from the PE 10 program remain (individual, team, dance and fitness activities), the lifetime focus is comprised of activities that take place largely off the school campus. These include hiking, racquetball, golf, wall climbing, bowling, tennis, Zumba, canoeing, inline skating, wave pool/aquasize, batting cages and yoga. Students are required to complete 5 service hours by the end of the course.

Physical Education 20 - 3 Credits

Prerequisite: Physical Education 10
Fee: $120.00

This is a one term course that is often coupled with CALM 20 in the alternate term and taken by students who have difficulty fitting all their desired courses into their timetable. Students are required to complete 3 service hours by the end of the course. 

Physical Education 30 - 5 Credits

Prerequisite: Physical Education 20
Fee: $240.00

Many of the same team and individual activities are offered on campus in this program. Students also participate in some of the same off-site activities as they did in PE 20. In addition, students will have an opportunity to explore some different lifetime activities like squash, kayaking, curling and camping. Students are required to complete 5 service hours by the end of the course.

Physical Education Options

Physical Education 30 and TEAM Leadership (PE multi-level) - 10 credits

Prerequisite: PE 20 (3 or 5 credit) and PE 20 Teacher recommendation
Fee: $240.00 

Physical Education 30 Leadership is a full year course that blends a leadership class with a PE 30 course. Students will receive 10 credits for the year; 5 for the PE 30 component and 5 for the Leadership component. Students will participate in the same activities as offered in the regular PE 30 course, with the addition of a leadership hosteling trip in the Kananaskis in the fall, and a camping trip in the spring. For the leadership component, students will be working through Jeff Jansen’s book “The Team Captain’s Leadership Manual” in a class setting and they will engage in practical projects that help to develop and challenge their leadership capacity. They will get the opportunity to engage in leadership projects such as: running tournaments, updating the school’s athletic website, organizing athletic pep rallies and organizing the school’s athletic banquet. This is a dynamic class for students who love to participate in physical activity all year and want to develop their leadership capacity in an athletic setting.

Sports Medicine Intro - 5 Credits

Fee: $110.00
This is an elective course composed of 5 1-credit CTS modules for those students who are interested in working as student trainers with one of the school’s athletic teams. The program will cover basic first aid, CPR, anatomy and physiology, correct methods and procedures of injury assessment, taping and treatment, the care and use of equipment used in sports medicine areas and efficient running of a training room including record keeping and supply inventory. Students are required to spend 15 hours with a school sports team doing training duties and will be trained in basic first aid and CPR.

Sports Medicine Inter - 5 Credits

Prerequisite: Sports Medicine Introduction
Fee: $110.00

This is the second level of Sports Medicine and is a course composed of 5 1-credit CTS modules for those students interested in pursuing education in the fields of sports medicine, physical education, athletic therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. This program will cover advanced anatomy and assessment and treatment of specific injuries to the major joints of the body. Students will be recertified in CPR and first aid. The course involves a 30-hour practicum with a school team. The program hours are split between the classroom (approx. 70%) and the practicum (approx. 30%)

Sports Medicine Adv - 5 Credits

Prerequisite: Sports Medicine Intermediate
Fee: $110.00

This is a 5 credit CTS course that is composed of 1 credit modules. The course focuses on advanced sport medicine treatment and rehabilitation, along with the recognition, assessment and treatment of head, neck and spinal injuries and abdominal conditions. Recertification in CPR and first aid is also included. There is a 60 hour practicum with a school team and a 6 hour job shadow with a medical practitioner. The program hours are split between the classroom (approx. 40%) and the practicum (approx. 60%).

Sports Performance Intro - 5 Credits

Prerequisite: None
Fee: $90.00 (includes a Fitness Centre pass)

Sports Performance is a physically intense course composed of 5 1-credit CTS modules. It is intended to help students reach their athletic potential. Students will work to improve their speed, power, agility, flexibility, endurance, and core stability. Students will participate in a variety of fitness programs designed to emphasize the attributes needed for their sport. Students will also explore topics related to sport performance including nutrition, sport psychology, training techniques and current trends in the fitness and sport development industry. 

Sports Performance Inter - 5 Credits

Prerequisite: Sport Performance Intro
Fee: $90.00 (includes a Fitness Centre pass)

Continuation of the curriculum offered in Sports Performance 15.

Sports Performance Adv - 5 Credits

Prerequisite: Sport Performance Inter
Fee: $90.00 (includes a Fitness Centre pass)

Continuation of the curriculum offered in Sports Performance 25.

New in 2022-23:  Yoga 15 - 3 Credits (one term)

Fee: $15.00

In Yoga students experience the health benefits of the discipline of yoga and develop skills that enable them to develop well-being, balance multiple aspects of their lives, and manage priorities. Yoga is a holistic pursuit of wellness where students are encouraged to challenge their limits, both physically and psychologically.  Through the various yoga movements, students will develop deep physical literacy in numerous ways and increase their self-awareness, including learning how to relax at will. They will learn to identify the precursors of stress and release them, which will assist

them in making responsible personal choices and decisions.

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