Science Alberta Curriculum

In high school science courses, you focus on interconnected ideas and principles, such as change, diversity and energy. You develop scientific knowledge through collecting, analyzing and interpreting experimental evidence. In science courses, you make connections among science, technology and society. You continue to develop your sense of wonder about the natural world.

Science pathway diagram


Three program routes are offered in Science

The Diploma Path (10, 20, 30 course sequences)

The Diploma Path (14, 24 Level)

IB Route (Standard Level and Higher Level) combines the International Baccalaureate and Alberta Education program of studies. The courses in this route are intended for motivated and talented students wishing to pursue science beyond the Alberta curriculum. Students entering Science 10 Cohort IB in September and who receive teacher recommendation will take Chemistry 20IB in the second semester of Grade 10.  Due to high demand and limitations with lab space, Grade 10 students must be in the Science 10 cohort IB stream to take a 20 level science class in Grade 10.

Fees: There is a $5.00 mandatory safety goggle fee for Science 10, Science 14, and Science 10 Cohort IB. 

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