The culmination of twelve years of education is a special time in the life of students, parents and staff.  We recognize this is an important passage and an occasion to be marked with formal ceremonies.  Western Canada High School's 2021 graduation is scheduled to take place on Thursday June 24 and Friday June 25, 2021.  Please recognize the safety of graduates, their families and staff will be a priority with planned celebrations.  Due to the pandemic, we will need to create an event that supports COVID-19 protocols:  Alberta Public Health Measures

January 20, 2021:  Letter sent to all CBE families from their Principal:

Dear Grade 12 Students, Parents and Guardians,

As we prepare to enter the second semester of this school year, I want to provide an update regarding Graduation 2021. At this time, we are not planning traditional graduations that involve large public gatherings.

As a result, senior high school principals have considered a number of options to mark this important achievement. For all high schools in the CBE, the following decisions have been made about Graduation 2021:

* There will be no formal banquets or dances

* Any ceremonies will take place in our own schools

* Details will be worked out over the coming months. Any activities will follow all Government of Alberta, AHS and CBE health and safety guidelines that may be in place at that time.

It is disappointing that once again, we are unable to provide a more typical graduation experience. Please know that we are immensely proud of your accomplishments and the grit you have demonstrated in graduating under such challenging circumstances.

As soon as we have additional details about graduation 2021, we will share them with all students and families.


Carma Cornea

Principal of Western Canada High School

May 6 2021 Grad Newsletter:

We are unable to publicly post the six page newsletter because there are private links.  However, it can be e-mailed to you.  If your child has turned 18, and has not granted you access to their school records, School Messengers do not work.

There are some families who stated "Grad is cancelled". This confuses members of the Grad Committee.  Grad during a pandemic has to be different but the event is not cancelled.  Please see the 6 page newsletter and the list of events in the Calendar as evidence.  How can you be creative to celebrate this important milestone with family and friends?  

Key dates:

Grad Fees:  Past due.  Please reach out to the Business Office ( and with questions.

May 13th:  "All Things Grad" Parent Council Meeting (6:30 pm)

May 20th:  Last day to submit grad clothing orders:

June 2nd:  Virtual Grad Rehearsal, Period 4 (link will be in the Student D2L shell)

June 4th:  Last day to submit Baby Photos @ 9:00 am (optional):  Link in the newsletter

June 18th:  Last day to sign up to "Walk the Stage" @ 9:00 am

June 23rd, 24th, 25th:  Three videos will be released at 7:00 pm each evening through the Student D2L shell and School Messenger (families with children 18+ may not receive School Messenger):

23:  Baby/Grad Photos Video

24:  Class History Video

25:  Graduation Speeches (to be enjoyed after a family celebratory dinner in your grad attire?)

June 24 and 25:  "Walking the Stage" (9:00 am - 3:00 pm)

* Graduands will only be at the school for 10 - 30 minutes over the 12 hour virtual ceremony

* Sign up system will be shared at the Virtual Grad Rehearsal on June 2nd.

Questions?  Please e-mail Ms. Hornby ( and Ms. Ellchuk ( in ONE e-mail.  We are working hard on the behalf of students and families to communicate effectively. 


To be eligible to take part in the graduation ceremonies and the banquet and dance, grade 12 students must be registered in a program of courses that will enable them to complete the minimum requirements for an Alberta High School Diploma by the end of June 2021.  Students who do not have the possibility of completing these courses, or who leave school during the year without completing the requirements, will not be eligible to participate in the graduation activities. 

The Graduation List:

A graduation list will be posted outside the Guidance Office on Tuesday, March 23, 2021. Students are asked to check for errors or omissions and report them to the Guidance Secretary, Ms. Schwartz, in the Counseling Office by Thursday, March 25, 2020 (before leaving for Spring Break). Students should not assume they meet the requirements to participate in the graduation activities simply because they are registered in grade 12. The completed list will be the basis for the ticket distribution, program information and the grad composite. 

Things of which you need to be aware:

1. Only those students who have earned the minimum 100 credits and fulfilled the requirements for a High School Diploma by June 2021 will be eligible to participate in the Graduation Ceremonies and Banquet/Dance will be eligible to participate in the Graduation Ceremonies and Banquet/Dance. 

2. The minimum requirements for receiving an Alberta High School Diploma are: 

  • ELA 30-1 or 30-2 
  • Social Studies 30-1 or 30-2 
  • 10 credits in Science:  10 level plus Science 20, Science 24, Biology 20, Chem 20 or Physics 20
  • 10 credits in Math:  10 level plus Math 20-1, 20-2 or 20-3 
  • Physical Education 10 (3 credits) 
  • CALM:  Career and Life Management (3 credits) 
  • 10 credits in any combination from Career and Technology Studies, Fine Arts, Second Languages, or PE 20 or 30
  • 10 credits in 30 level courses in addition to ELA 30-1 or 30-2 and Social Studies 30-1 or 30-2. 

Grad Fees:

A Grad Fee of $45.00 per student will be collected which will cover:

  • Gown, mortarboard & tassel (each student will receive a pre-packaged set of formal grad attire which they can keep)
  • Diploma holder
  • Certificates 
  • Keepsake Program
  • Décor at the school, including “photo ops” locations

Graduation fees were initially calculated based on the hopes of a full ceremony.  We have now adjusted fees in your MyCBE account and any payments previously made were automatically adjusted and refunds will be given where applicable. Please log into your MyCBE / PowerSchool account at to make payment or view your transactions.

If you have any questions regarding your MyCBE account or payment, please contact the Business Manager, Shabbir Lakhani at


A professional photographer will be here during the June 24-25 ceremony to capture the 'crossing the stage' moment of students.  Parents may order a copy of this photo for this momentous milestone.

Graduation Videos:  To be released Friday June 23, 24 and 25 at 7:00 pm

We will provide a link to a YouTube video (virtual Grad) which students will be able to safely enjoy as part of your family celebrations or within your social bubbles.  Families are encouraged to arrange their own socially distanced celebrations and watch these videos together.  

June 23:  Baby Photos/Grad Portrait Video

June 24:  Class History

June 25:  Graduation Speeches (this may be the evening grads choose to host a family dinner and dress up in their formal grad attire)

2020-2021 Yearbook

This is a year that we will never forget! Reserve your copy!

The Yearbook Committee have been working hard and have overcome challenging circumstances to create a yearbook that documents this historic year.                                                

If you have not done so already, you may purchase your 2020-2021 Yearbook by logging in to MyCBE / PowerSchool account or come to the Business Office.  They are only $40.00.  See the 'optional fees' tab.

WCHS Graduating Class of 2021 - D2L Shell

We have created a Student Grad D2L shell.  In addition to this web page, information and updates will be posted to the shell.  The shell will also be used for the purpose of gathering student input regarding the Grad celebration.


To be determined based on health protocols.  We are also seeking to live stream the graduation ceremony to support public safety measures and increase the number of guests.

Graduation Portraits

Grads may still book sittings at Lifetouch's Calgary location if you choose.  

3628 Burnsland Road SE | Calgary, Alberta T2G 3Z2   

Booking with Lifetouch   or you may call 403-255-5440

Grad 2021 - Grad Rings

Your GRADUATION is important! COVID-19 means we can’t hold a display at your
school right now BUT we’ve made sure you don’t have to MISS OUT.
You can DESIGN & ORDER your CUSTOM graduation jewelry at
You can view our graduation clothing & accessories at

Organizer Contact Information:

Please be advised details about the Graduation Ceremony will be released as they become available.  Due to COVID-19, we are unable to finalize details at this time.  Your understanding is needed, valued and appreciated. 

Please direct preliminary questions to Ms. Hornby ( 



Grad Gowns 


Administrator Liaison 



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