Social Sciences

Political Science

Comparative Governments 20 - 3 Credits

Prerequisite: 70%+ in Soc 10-1
The objective of Comparative Governments 20 is to compare and contrast the Government of Canada with governments of the United States and another country selected by the student. There will be a field experience component for this course (i.e. Model United Nations Symposium). The course will be offered online with a weekly in-class meeting. Students considering this course should be self-directed learners. Students are also encouraged to participate in the Model UN club.

International Politics 30 - 3 Credits

Prerequisite: 70%+ in Soc 10 -1
The objective of International Politics 30 is to give the student an understanding of the development and importance of international relations. Examining such concepts as the nature of power, the balance of power, territorial rivalry, ideological rivalry, international conflict and international economic relations brings about this understanding. There will be a field experience component for this course (i.e. Model United Nations Symposium). The course will be offered online with
a weekly in-class meeting. Students considering this course should be self-directed learners. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the Model UN club, as well. These courses are offered to students wishing to explore the Social Sciences. They cannot be used to fulfill Social Studies credit requirements for Alberta Education. 


General & Personal Psychology 20 - 6 credits

Prerequisite: Soc 10-1 or Soc 10-2
Psychology 20 explores all facets of human behaviour and is divided into 2 courses: 

General Psychology (3 credits)

This course traces the historical schools of psychological thought and examines principles of learning, thinking, clinical disorders and their treatment.

Personal Psychology (3 credits)

In this course, students will explore theories of personality, development, personality testing, intelligence, and biological influences on behaviour.

Psychology 30 & Sociology 30 - 6 Credits

Prerequisite: Gen. or Pers. Psych 20

Experimental Psychology 30 (3 credits)

This course builds on the knowledge gained in Psychology 20. Examine the history of experimental psychology in addition to conditioning, personality, mental illness, development, and the application of psychology in our world. Define, explore and understand consequences of “abnormal” behavior and psychological conditions through group work and a research project.


Applied Sociology 30 (3 credits)

Students will objectively analyze phenomena around them to better understand society and its influence on their lives as well as their roles in societal change. Topics include culture, the role of the institution, social movements, deviance, and a project topic of the students’ choice.

Legal Studies (Intermediate) - 5 Credits

Prerequisite: None
Legal Studies (Intermediate) presents students with practical and fascinating information about how Canada’s legal system works and its impact on Canadians. Students will explore legal issues through debates, discussions, film and documentary studies, famous crimes case studies, role plays and scenario examinations. The course includes: History of Law, Constitutional and Rights Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Family Law, Employment Law, and Law and the Traveller.

Legal Studies (Advanced) 5 Credits

Rec. Prerequisite: Legal Studies (Int.)
Legal Studies (Advanced) is recommended for students who wish to undertake in-depth study of specific legal topics,  either out of personal interest and/or for post-secondary preparation. The course places strong emphasis on enhancing research, writing and philosophical skills. Students enjoy considerable personal choice and are presented with a wide selection of engaging topics to investigate on their own terms. The course includes: Criminal Law II, Conflict Resolution,
Controversial Legal Topics, Tort Law and Corporate/Commercial Law. 


Philosophy 20 & 30 IB(SL) - 6 Credits

Prerequisite: ELA 10-1 Cohort IB or Soc 10-1 Cohort IB, or special request
Philosophy 20 and 30 are available to students who wish to earn credit in Philosophy IB Standard Level or to motivated and confident students outside the IB program. Completion of this course provides credit in two Alberta Education Social Science courses: Contemporary Western Philosophy 20 and Philosophies of Man 30. The course is a discussion-based course that examines themes related to human nature, human freedom, mind and body, personhood, ethics, epistemology, philosophy of science, and philosophy of religion.

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