Dress Code

  • The expectation at Westgate School is that the children are dressed in an appropriate and comfortable manner.
  • Revealing clothing and clothing containing derogatory slogans will not be permitted.
  • Please ensure that your child wears clothing which is suitable for the weather conditions, as children are expected to be outdoors before school, at recess and during noon hour.
  • Hats and hoods are not permitted during class time. 


  • Children must wear “indoor shoes” at all times. A pair of clean sneakers with non-marking soles is necessary for indoor gym activities and is suggested as appropriate indoor footwear.
  • Outdoor shoes and boots cannot be worn in classrooms; they are removed upon entering the school. If students wear sandals, etc., to school please ensure that runners are at school for ALL gym activities (especially outdoors). 

Inclement Weather

  • The weather in Calgary can be unpredictable and often changes quickly.
  • Students are expected to dress appropriately for the weather.
  • In winter, boots, jacket, mitts and a hat should be worn.
  • Please label all articles of clothing with your child’s name so that lost items may be easily found.
  • If the temperature is –20 C or colder (including wind-chill) students will remain inside.

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