Students at Westgate School will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of clubs throughout the year. Please see the clubs being offered by teachers this year below. Students will have a chance in class to identify their top choices during the week of October 12-14, 2022. Our goal is to ensure that each student becomes a member of at least one club of their choice. Sincere thanks to our Parent Society who has provided funds to help teachers get things going. If you are interested in supporting the club as a parent volunteer, please reach out to the teacher sponsor of that club. We will be looking for materials to be donated by parents and will include these in our weekly updates. 

Club and Teacher Sponsors  



Arts and Crafts  

Mme Vila, M. Julien, Mme Erbacker  



Come join us for some arts & crafts fun! Students in Grades 1 to 3 will enjoy drawing, beading and collage activities. Students in Grades 4-6 will learn the fundamentals of sketching and painting. All students will take home their creations - and new artistic skills! All materials will be provided. (Thursdays)  

Intramurals and Sports Club  

Mme Wright, Mme St.John, Mme Crosby 

Mme Julie 

Mme Stephanie 


We will do different sports each month. October is cross-country running! We noticed during the Terry Fox run that there are a lot of strong runners are Westgate. Students in Grades, 4, 5 and 6 are encouraged to come improve their running skills. We will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays during lunch recess. 

Réunis en francophonie 

Mme Sheena  


This is a partnership between Westgate, Bishop Pinkham and Western Canada. Students will explore different aspects of Francophone cultures and their own identity as a bilingual person. Students will have the opportunity to go on at least 3 trips throughout the year with buddies from BP and Western! (Every second Wednesday, October 12 and October 19)  


Mme Sheena  

Mme Emily

Mme Janell 


Come and join us to learn how to knit or to improve your current knitting skills. Based on the experience of the group, we will choose a knitting project to tackle. Students in Grade 5-6 are invited to join us during their Tuesday lunch hour. Materials will be provided if needed.  

Guitar and Rock Band      

Mme Nicholson Mme Darlene Mme Maggie  

 6 only 


Ever wanted to learn to play guitar as well as other instruments from a rock band? This club will provide the opportunity to learn some basic skills, primarily guitar, drums, bass and vocals. We will jam to some of our favorite rock songs and possibly compose our own material. We have access to some instruments, but it is requested that students bring their own guitars if possible. Grade 6 (Oct-Feb) 

Ukelele 3 to 5 This club is for students who want to deepen their ukulele skills and play some fun songs. Ukuleles are provided.


Mme Julie Kim  

M. Klippenstein 



Learn how to play handbells in an ensemble. We will be starting from basics to performing melody and harmony and hopefully have the opportunity to perform holiday jingles for the school! We will meet Thursdays in the Music Room. (Oct-Dec) 

Readers’ Theater 

Mme Laser  



Are you interested in improvisation and learning some new drama techniques? In this club, you will work in groups to practice the performance of a script which will be given to the group or created by the group. Students will have the chance to tap into their creative side by acting out scenarios, collectively designing/assembling character costumes and small props for our mini performance. This club will run every Wednesday at lunchtime on the stage.   

Math Club  

Mme Lina 

Mme Stephanie 


Grades 5 and 6 - Do you love playing board games? Are you looking to improve your leadership skills and share your math talents and gifts with younger students?  

Grade 3 and 4 – Do you love playing board games? Do you love math? Here is your chance to play games and work with older students.  (starts in November) 

Writing & Book Club  

Mme Tamara 

Mme Vanessa 



Students will explore writing techniques and strategies through various activities. The Writers and Book Club will be limited to 20 students to ensure enough teacher support is available. Students will be given a notebook that they will keep all year as we continue to add activities throughout the year.  This club will be running bi-monthly during lunchtime in the Learning Commons.  

Girl Empowerment  

Mme Zoee 

Mme Christina 


Students will be joining Mme Christina and Mme Zoée at lunch on the first Monday and Tuesday of each month, starting in November. Each month students will discover the power of women from around the world. We will have guest speakers, awesome crafts, and deep discussions about what it means to be a fabulous girl.  

CBC Music Challenge 

Mme Julie Kim 

4 to 6 

Passionate about music? Be part of the CBC Music Challenge! We will be recording our version of “Go Get It” by Dominique Fils-Aime and submitting it to the CBC Music Challenge (Gr.4-6 Girls). Video submissions are due Nov.23rd, so it is a short and sweet musical project. (Wednesdays Oct.19-mid November)  

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