Sep 08
Welcome to the 2020-21 School Year

What does it mean to be a Raptor? At West Ridge School our goal is to have a school where students thrive.

  • We aim to provide you with engaging instruction so that you can learn and do your very best.
  • We will provide opportunities for you to explore a wealth of complementary courses, co-curricular activities, and extra-curricular opportunities that will make your middle school years great.
  • We strive to provide this in a safe, respectful learning environment where all Raptors come together as a community.
  • We look forward to developing strong relationships with our students, parents and the community that we serve.

We welcome you to our Raptors community! Check out our website to learn about the Raptor Way and the expectations we have for you, our students!

Dec 06
November was a Difficult Month

Hello Parents,

This has been a difficult month for the staff and parents of West Ridge School as we have had to plan for major changes.

The first change to come our way was the announcement that the CBE would have its budget cut by $32 million. Because any cuts would only be able to come into effect in January, this was the equivalent of having to cut $48 million from our September budget. As most parents are aware, this resulted in over 300 temporary teachers receiving layoff notice. This resulted in West Ridge having to look deeply into how to cut a significant amount from our budget mid-year. We developed a plan that we feel results in the least impact on students and maintaining programming as best we can. This plan has not been shared with parents or staff as we were waiting for CBE approval.

As you may have heard on the news, the government has now enabled the CBE to access funding from the “IMR” budget typically set aside for maintenance and renovations. At the time of writing the CBE had been given approval to access $15 million from this budget. We do not know at this time what this will mean for our plan and to the cuts that may be required at our school. We will keep you informed as soon as more information is available.

The other major change to our school community was the re-designation of the Cougar Ridge community to Central Memorial High School. As you may be aware, the CBE is completing a massive engagement to look at how to designate communities and programs to the board’s high schools to ensure that no high schools are over or under utilized. This engagement is to conclude in a new plan for all CBE high schools beginning in the 2022-23 school year.

Ernest Manning High School, however, is projected to be so over capacity that the board needed to re-designate some communities immediately to alleviate this problem. The CBE made a decision to re-designate all communities east of Sarcee Trail, as well as Cougar Ridge, Patterson, Coach Hill, and Discovery Ridge to Central Memorial High School for the next two school years. There is more information regarding this decision included within the newsletter.

We would like to share that within our school walls, learning goes on, and students continue to thrive. Our Annual Results Report is posted on the school web site and shared within this newsletter. It highlights many of our academic accomplishments.
On behalf of the staff of West Ridge School I would like to wish all families a safe and joyous holiday season and a restful winter break. We thank you for your ongoing support and advocacy.

Ryan O’Shaughnessy

Oct 03
October Update

​Hello Parents,

Our first month has flown by with many exciting transition activities, field trips, and whole-school events. We had a successful Terry Fox Run campaign and saw a “Sea of Orange” for our Orange Shirt Day on Monday.

Many extra-curricular activities are in full swing including athletic teams, drama production auditions, and a variety of lunchtime clubs. We also look eagerly out at our back field where our sport court nears completion. It looks to be two weeks away from having everything complete!

We have had a number of accidents and near misses involving our students and vehicular traffic. We have been diligent in discouraging / preventing students from jay-walking near the school. We have had an accident and numerous near-misses on 85th Street however. We have had our School Resource Officer in to talk with all students and encourage you as a parent to reiterate the tips given on the following page. Please know that our city councillor is also aware of this situation.

The month of October will include many special events for our students including photo days, lockdown practice, field trips, volleyball tournaments, a Halloween dance and a lot of great learning! We look forward to a great month!

Ryan O’Shaughnessy


See more in our October Newsletter.

Jun 07
We Hope Your Child Has Had a Great School Year

Hello Parents,

This is our final newsletter for the 2018-2019 school year. We hope your child has had a great school year and we thank you for being active participants in your child’s education.

This month we will be having our Grade 9 Farewell on June 13 and taking a moment to celebrate our second graduating class. We also have our Provincial Achievement Tests and many field trips as we move towards the final day of classes. Please note that our final day of school is Wednesday, June 26 (one day earlier than West Springs School). This is a full school day where we will celebrate together with a hot dog lunch, yearbooks, and an end of year assembly.

We continue to grow as a school and at the time of writing we had 843 students registered for next school year. Our parent survey urged for smaller class sizes and we have strived to deliver. We have been able to create extra classes for grade 6, 7, and 8 next year which, with current registrations, have all classes from Grade 5-8 between 25 and 28 students. Our school budget has been cut and so this has meant an inability to create another Grade 9 class (these will have 31-32 students). This has also meant limited extra resources such as education assistants and ELL support time.

We have been able to hire two more teachers for next school year. We welcome Joel Pendergast (Math/Science 6/7) from Thomas B. Riley School and Rachel Clowes (Humanities 6/7) from Chief Justice Mulvane School. There are a few more staffing decisions to be finalized and these will be shared with an end of year update once complete.

Our first day of school for the 2019–2020 school year will be Tuesday, September 3rd. Please note that on this day only new Grade 5’s will attend school at 8:30am. Grade 6-9 students will join us at 12:40 for the afternoon. This gives us a chance to work with our new grade 5 students and help them transition successfully.

Ryan G O'Shaughnessy
Principal, West Ridge School

May 10
Congratulations to Staff and Students

Hello Raptors!

I would like to start by congratulating all students and staff who brought “Into The Woods” to life! Our students performed this production five times over three days and did an amazing job. The production brings together the best things about a true middle school. We have grade five students performing alongside Grade 9’s. Students from all grades contributed by providing hallway decorations, building props, creating costumes, taking photographs, making intermission snacks, providing light and sound expertise, and working back stage. Thanks to all contributors for a great run!

As I write this message we have just completed our English Language Arts provincial achievement tests. To help this run smoothly we had almost two dozen parents supporting students as scribes and readers over the last two days. I would like to take this opportunity to thank not only these parent volunteers, but all parents who have driven, chaperoned, participated in school council, and been just general West Ridge supporters this school year.

Ryan O’Shaughnessy

Apr 08
We are Entering a Busy Time

Hello Raptors! We hope you had a wonderful spring break.

We are entering a very busy time at the school with lots of exciting learning opportunities for our students.

Over the next month we look forward to presenting our school musical. There will be three evening performances so please come out and celebrate the work of these students.

We also have a multitude of field trips coming up. Students will be discovering the Weaselhead and Glenbow Museum, doing water quality tests while rafting down the Bow River, participating in Outdoor School at Camp Chief Hector, and being young scientists in Kananaskis.

Our athletes are participating badminton and we look forward to an in-school track meet on April 18th where students will compete in a variety of events to make the school Track and Field team.

This month we will be asking parents and students to fill in annual surveys about how the school is doing. We look forward to hearing your thoughts about West Ridge and how we can make our school even better!

Ryan O’Shaughnessy

Mar 08
Thank you for Keeping Informed

Hello Parents,

Thank you for taking the time to look through our newsletter and keeping informed on what is happening at West Ridge School.

As I write this message we are preparing for our open house. We are looking forward to meeting many of the new parents and students who will be joining us next school year.

We are already well into the planning stages for next school year and students have made their selections of complementary programs. We have been given a projection of 844 students for next school year ( we are currently at 755). This will be our largest group of students yet and bring us close to our capacity of 870. That will mean no more empty classrooms and even more learning opportunities for our students. This will also mean many new staff members will be hired to join our team.

To help us in the planning process we ask that any students who may not be returning to West Ridge School in the fall to please let us know (this does not include our grade 9’s who are moving to high school). By getting an accurate handle on our numbers for next year we can plan accordingly and negate any sudden changes having to be made in the fall.

Ryan O’Shaughnessy

Feb 07
Welcome to Semester Two at West Ridge School!

Hello Parents,

Our students have begun their second semester complementary classes and are looking forward to the great learning ahead.

We welcome Mr. Adam Hasni to our staff. He has been hired to replace Ms. Gouthro who is on maternity leave.

We hope you have been able to read your child’s mid-year report card and also have had a chance to check it out digitally through MyCBE / PowerSchool. Please note that this is how you will be accessing the report card in the future. Instructions on how to access the digital report card are contained in this newsletter.

Our second set of conferences will be held on February 28 and March 1. Please note that bookings will open within your MyCBE / PowerSchool account on the Feb. 22 at 4 PM.

Ryan O’Shaughnessy

Jan 09
Happy New Year to all Raptors!

I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday and that all students are energized for another six months of great learning opportunities.

This is the final month of semester one. Semester two will begin in February with new complementary courses for our students. The end of semester also means it is report card time. We are looking into the possibility of implementing the digital report card that is available through the MyCBE / PowerSchool program for our January 31 report card. More information about the opportunities and challenges of this report card are discussed in this newsletter. We look forward to hearing from parents at our School Council meeting on Monday about their thoughts.

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter and let’s make 2019 a year to remember!

Ryan O’Shaughnessy

Dec 06
Dec. 2018

Happy December parents! Thank you for taking the time to read our December newsletter. We hope you find it informative.

It was great to see so many parents at our conferences in late November. We hope that you had a chance to learn about your child’s progress and see some of the work they have been doing in class.

We have a few special events and dates that you should be aware of. First of all please note that this Friday (December 7) is a non-instructional day. We look forward to our winter concert on December 19 and hope you will join us for the 6:30 PM concert. Please be aware that the last day of school is December 21 and that school resumes on Tuesday, January 8. There is no school for students on Monday, January 7 as that is a non-instructional day at West Ridge and West Springs Schools.

On behalf of the staff of West Ridge School we wish you a happy holiday season.

​Ryan O'Shaughnessy
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