Dress Code

The Calgary Board of Education has established standards for dress at school.  All students are required to adhere to Administrative Regulation 6010 which encourages:

  • cleanliness, neatness, and generally positive attitudes
  • appropriateness for the particular activity
  • safety in all activities

Administrative Regulation 6010 also includes the following guidelines:

  • clothing which is suitable for indoors (no outdoor jackets worn inside)
  • suitable footwear (closed toe shoes in PE and in shop areas)
  • different clothing for physical education (gym strip, running shoes)
  • protective clothing in shops as required  (safety glasses, aprons, ear protection)
  • hair that is neat and well groomed
  • appropriate make-up

The following dress code guidelines were developed through an engagement process with West Ridge students, parents and teachers.  These guidelines reflect a shared, negotiated vision for appropriate dress at West Ridge School.

  • Students must arrive to school in appropriate dress that supports learning effectively in all scheduled classes and activities.
  • Hats are permitted if eyes remain visible, however hoods are not to be worn over a student’s head while in school as these can reduce visibility.
  • Clothing that advertises the use of drugs, alcohol, violence, makes sexual inferences or innuendos, has inappropriate language, or dehumanizes any specific person/identity or group, is unacceptable.
  • Visibility of undergarments or areas of the body generally covered by undergarments, is deemed unacceptable in all school activities.  The only exception to this is shoulder straps from undergarments, which are permitted.
  • Midsections (area from ribs to hips) must be covered while standing. Shirts must meet the top of the pants/shorts/skirt at a minimum. 

School administration reserves the right to request that any student who is considered to be inappropriately dressed for school to change into something appropriate, such as their gym strip, or to return home and change before returning to their classroom.

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