See Clubs for lunchtime activities.

Grades 7-9

Grade 7, 8 and 9 students are allowed off-campus during the lunch hour from Monday through Thursday. There is no supervision provided for students when they are off-campus. Students are expected to return to school on time and to maintain good relationships with the residents and business people in the area. Students who are late returning to school, or are inappropriate in the community will have this privilege revoked. Students returning to school from the community are expected to re-enter the school through the playing area doors behind the school. (The main doors are locked throughout the day for security).

Grades 5-6

Grade 5 and 6 students are to remain on school grounds during the school day with the exception of students who have permission to go home for lunch, or when leaving with parents. Grade 5 and 6 students will eat under the supervision of lunch room supervisors in the designated lunchroom area. Grade 7 to 9 students may eat in their designated gathering area locations.

Lunchtime Activities

After twenty minutes, a bell will ring notifying students that they should now go outside or to a teacher sponsored activity. All students are expected to go outside unless they are involved in a teacher-sponsored activity. If the temperature outside is below -20 with the wind chill, then students will remain inside for the duration of the lunch break.

The West Springs School playground is out of bounds for West Ridge students. The soccer field closest to us is for our use as is the Sport Court. Please do not use the far soccer field as that is for use by West Springs School.

Fun Lunch

Please go to Healthy Hunger for more details or to order!


West Ridge is a “Nut Safe” school and we ask all students to bring only nut-free items to school. See Illness & Medical to learn more about allergy awareness.

Noon Supervision

The Noon Supervision program requires registration and is available to all students in Grades 5-6. There is a fee to participate, and a waiver process is in place for families who cannot afford to pay fees.

Students are allowed to use their digital devices in the cafeteria or outside of the school.

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Grade 7’s are climbing today! @calgaryclimbing Rocky Mountain location. Top Rope skills are on point 🙌🏼 and Climbpark competitions are a plenty!

Grade 7 ENVOE is at it again! Climbing the walls @calgaryclimbing and hanging out in the climb park! @MarlaPaxton

Grade 7 ENVOE students spent the day@learning about Grizzly Bears and edible plants! Thank you to @CPAWS Such a great day!

RT @MarlaPaxton: ENVOE 8 @West_Ridge_CBE is climbing the walls today! @calgaryclimbing Bouldering and some Top Rope!

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