We’re proud of our school and like to share our spirit.

School Spirit

Pep Rally

Our opening week pep rally was a great success with students and teachers participating in a variety of activities. The pep rally began with Omnikin ball races, tug of war competitions, and a timbit eating / hurdles race. Staff were initiated in a number of ways. Mr. Brayton was challenged to find a Starburst candy hidden in a pie without using his hands (and…oops…we forgot to put the candy in the pie!). Ms. Makowski, Ms. Wickenhauser, Ms. Haynes, Ms. Hug, and Ms. E (our student teacher) had their faces whip creamed and had students try and stick gold fish to them! Mr. Braynen taught students the school dance (“Walk the Dinosaur”). He also introduced our new slogan “WE THE WEST”. This slogan, stolen perhaps from the Toronto Raptors, builds on the “Who Will We Be?” and “Live A Legacy” themes from the last two years. We are now asking students what it means to be a West Ridge student, how we treat each other, what makes us the best middle school in the city, and how can we be even better. Because, hey, WE THE WEST!

Our Mascot

Our school mascot is the Raptor and we are all proud to be Raptors!  Our code of conduct is the "Raptor Way" and defines how we want to act and how we treat each other.

We have an actual school mascot named Riley.  He makes appearances at school events, pep rallies and open houses.  

We also have "mini-Rileys" that students are able to sign out and take on family vacations.  Riley has been fortunate to visit Sweden, Thailand, Hawaii, Mexico, and France!  He has also travelled extensively in the United States and the Canadian Rockies!

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Grade 7’s are climbing today! @calgaryclimbing Rocky Mountain location. Top Rope skills are on point 🙌🏼 and Climbpark competitions are a plenty! https://t.co/PlnhpCtnVN

Grade 7 ENVOE is at it again! Climbing the walls @calgaryclimbing and hanging out in the climb park! @MarlaPaxton https://t.co/JwS0anIVaq

Grade 7 ENVOE students spent the day@learning about Grizzly Bears and edible plants! Thank you to @CPAWS Such a great day! https://t.co/eY2t3T1jeC

RT @MarlaPaxton: ENVOE 8 @West_Ridge_CBE is climbing the walls today! @calgaryclimbing Bouldering and some Top Rope! https://t.co/odkxky9DeA

RT @MarlaPaxton: Bike Maintenance today! Learning about derailleurs thanks to @bowcyclesports Great info@today for our grade 7’s! @West_Ridge_CBE @MarlaPaxton https://t.co/tLM3Vkb24v