Physical Education

It is an established fact that participation in physical activity can provide individuals with many health benefits. One of our Physical Education goals is to help students recognize the importance of regular exercise in their lives and to encourage daily participation in physical activity. We hope that participation becomes a lifetime habit for our students.

It is our belief that students who are well enough to be at school are generally well enough to participate in modified Physical Education activities. In circumstances where a student has an illness (common cold, sore throat, stomach ache etc.) that reduces their ability to participate, we request that a note from the parent/guardian explaining the nature of the ailment and any modifications that can be made or ways in which the student can still participate be sent on the day(s) in question. On these days students will still be required to change and participate to the best of their ability. If they are too ill to do this then they should not be in school. A note from a parent/ guardian will excuse a student from class participation for a maximum of three days (a note is valid for one day unless otherwise stated in the note). Students will not be allowed to phone home during class time to be excused. If the injury/condition is likely to affect involvement in four or more successive P.E. classes then a doctor’s letter will normally be required, specifying range of dates affected.

Students must have a change of clothing for Physical Education classes. This includes a set of West Ridge School gym strip and running shoes. Sweat pants and hoodies may be worn over top of the gym strip during participation in outdoor activities. Physical Education clothing will be available for purchase throughout the school year. Please ensure that clothing is washed on a regular basis.

All Physical Education items are to be stored in the locker room locker. Students are given a lock to use in the locker room. PE clothing and personal items are often lost when students: leave clothing/belongings on top of benches or floors, do not securely lock their lockers, tell other students their locker combination, or do not properly label their clothing. If something is lost, it is the student's responsibility to check daily with their teacher to see if it has been found. In the meantime, students may wear 'loaners,' but after a five-day grace period, new regulation clothing must be purchased. Students should place all school supplies in their hall locker before coming to Physical Education classes. 


It is highly recommended that all student involved in school teams have some form of accident insurance. This can be obtained either through the Accident Insurance Plan endorsed by the CBE or through a private insurance plan. Information in regards to insurance is sent home with the opening day package.

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