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West Ridge Awareness, Acceptance & Inclusion (WRAAI) 

As we move into March our focus will begin with the weekly inspirational quote "Be brave enough to be yourself."  We are building on the important lessons learned during the month of February, specifically by making every day Pink Shirt Day. Students are encouraged to not only stand up against bullying, but to also be confident in themselves and their abilities and to be brave enough to be themselves. 

Regardless of the challenges that we may face, we all have something important and influential to offer to our school community. The key is to determine what that is and then act on it! With the great students and teachers at West Ridge you know you have support! 

Weekly inspirational quotes will be continuing during the month of March. As the students begin their day, these quotes are important daily reminders to act with compassion, demonstrate strength and increase self-confidence. Has your child mentioned whether any of these quotes have had an impact on them? Is there a favorite quote your child would like to hear during announcements? If so, please email me. As well, the WRAAI lunch time support program is ongoing. Please email Lisa Dunlop at if you would like to participate. 

As always, I welcome your input and feedback in order to ensure that we are supporting those living with special needs in the best way that we can! If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me at

Parent FAQs

Who do I call if I have a question or concern?

The homeroom teacher is your main contact in regards to questions you may have. 

  • Course-specific questions should be taken to the teacher instructing the course.
  • Fees, PowerSchool, School Messenger, and other technical questions should be directed to the office staff.
  • Field trip questions and questions about teams or clubs should be directed to the sponsoring teacher, not the main office
  • Questions not able to be answered by these staff should be directed to administration.
  • Staff contact page: Our Staff

Where can I see what is for homework?

  • Grade 5/6 core teachers have a D2L blog that highlights the day’s homework. Students are taught to access this blog and parents can access this through the link on the West Ridge website: Classes & Departments
  • Grade 7-9 core teachers will be using a folder in google drive to list homework expectations. This is accessible to students 24/7. Parents will need to access this page through their child’s google drive account.

How does my child access assignments, rubrics, text material?

All students have a google drive account where teachers share the materials for their classes. Students can access these materials 24/7 .

What do I use PowerSchool for?

  • The PowerSchool website is your portal to access all sorts of information.
  • Your child’s recent grades and assessments are accessible through this application.
  • You can see your child’s attendance record and timetable.
  • This is where you will pay your school fees (ensure you are in the parent account, not your child’s or this will not be visible).
  • You will register for school conferences through this application.
  • For registering information:

How do I learn about happenings at the school?

School Website

All information and contact information can be found on our website.

School Messenger

Messages come home on School Messenger from the school office, administration, and from individual teachers.
All parent e-mails that are listed in the child’s demographics information will receive all “general” messages.
“Commercial” messages are any messages that have to do with anything financial (fee information, fundraising events, field trips with a cost attached). Parents must have subscribed to School Messenger to receive these e-mails.
Subscribe to Stay Informed

Sent home once a month electronically via School Messenger.


We do have a twitter account that highlights events. This application should not be your primary source of information as it is used somewhat sporadically (just being honest!).

How do I Volunteer?

All volunteers must complete the annual volunteer form that is sent home with the opening package. Additionally, Parents cleared at a previous CBE school – stop by the office with your driver’s license and we will pull you forward onto our cleared list. This is instantaneous. Please note clearances are good for five years.

Parents who have never been cleared or who are expired—Bring government photo ID to the school office. You will be given a letter with a code that allows you to get a free police clearance. Follow the instructions to submit your information online, at home.

You will receive notification once you have been cleared by the police. Share this with the CBE and the clearance will show up on our West Ridge cleared volunteer list.

Visit our Volunteer page for more information.

How Can I Sign Up To Volunteer for Specific Events?

Specific volunteer positions set up by the School Council or Society are available for sign up through Sign Up Genius at: Signup Genius.

Visit our Volunteer page for more information.

How do I Register My Child For Special Lunches?

Special lunches are held approximately every two weeks.

Your order can be placed through Healthy Hunger.

What’s this about a Facebook Page?

The School Council and Society share the Facebook group “West Ridge School Council/WRSS”. You can find it at: Facebook.

How do my child and I learn about clubs, teams, and other activities?

  • Responsibility!
  • Understanding what is being offered is primarily the responsibility of the student. Students learn about what is happening through announcements, displays, and class discussions.
  • Athletic Board
  • There is an athletic board outside the PE office that shares all practice schedules for sports teams. Visit our Athletics page for more information
  • Clubs Board
  • The bulletin board underneath the monitor in the main gathering space shares information on meeting times of clubs. Visit our Clubs page for more information.
  • Announcements
  • Every morning we announce the activities for the day and other events that students need to be aware of. Students need to listen to these to understand any last minute changes to schedules.
  • Print Calendars
  • Teams will send home practice and game schedules to all students on the team.
  • Newsletter
  • In the newsletter we share information on clubs and activities.
  • SchoolMessenger

Who can be on Sports Teams?

  • Only Grade 6-9 students are eligible to compete in the athletic events of Calgary Middle Level Schools Amateur Athletics (CMLSAA).
  • Grade 5’s are offered many developmental opportunities throughout the school year.
  • Grade 5’s can practice with the Cross-Country team. Grade 6-9 students can compete and there are no cuts.
  • There are inter-school teams for soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton and track and field that students must try out for.
  • Grade 5’s and students who do not make the inter-school team can be involved with developmental teams (soccer, volleyball, basketball, and badminton). These teams practice and advance their skills. Often we are able to arrange exhibition games with other schools offering developmental teams so students can experience inter-school play.
  • Grade 6-9 students can compete on the wrestling team. There are no cuts for students who show a commitment in coming to practice.
  • Grade 5 students can also practice with the wrestling team. We host the Raptor Rumble in January and have a grade 5 division where our students are able to experience a tournament experience while competing against other Raptors.

What Happens at Lunchtime?

  • Students in Grade 5 eat in the lower gathering area with lunchroom supervisor monitoring.
  • Students in Grade 6 eat in their homeroom classroom with lunchroom supervisors monitoring.
  • Students have 20 minutes to eat and then must go outside and get some fresh air (students are supervised in the back field by lunch supervisors).
  • If the temperature is below -20C with the wind-chill or extremely rainy, the students are allowed to remain indoors and have activities provided to them in the lunch area.
  • Balls and equipment are available outside the PE office for students to play with.
  • Students who are under direct teacher supervision are allowed to remain indoors for the second half of lunch (clubs, homework help, etc.).
  • Intramurals – each grade has one day a week that they are able to go into the gyms for special intramural activities.
  • Learning Commons – each grade has one day a week that they are able to access the Learning Commons to read, sign out books or work on homework.

Visit our Lunchtime page for more information.

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