Grade 5 and 6

Music 5

Students will explore different genres and enhance their appreciation of music. This will include the study of classical music to the popular music of today. Students will  learn about different rhythmic patterns and study the basic concepts of music theory. This will include some singing, djembes (African drum), recorder and baritone ukulele.

Fine Arts – Art 5

Students will have an opportunity to focus on techniques in a variety of media including sketching, painting, working with clay, alternative mediums, and mixed media. Each student will participate in a variety of projects that will allow them to refine their artistic skills and participate in the self-assessment of their work. In term 2, students will begin to focus on the art medium and styles of their choosing to help create and complete projects, which will allow them to present their understanding of topics being studied in other subject areas.

Fine Arts – Drama 5

Students will explore the different aspects of speaking, moving, and the combining of those skills to help tell a story. Students will begin to explore a variety of drama games, improvisation skills, and specific movement techniques, all in an environment where the focus will be on participation and not perfection.

Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) 5/6

Students will work with digital technologies to develop an understanding of computer coding, robot programming, and 3-D design & fabrication. Students will use programs such as Scratch to gain familiarity with common coding commands and procedures. Visual programming apps, such as Ozoblockly, may be used to explore simple robotics through West Ridge’s tiny Ozobots. Students will use Tinkercad (or a similar program) to advance their knowledge and skill of designing objects using CAD (computer-aided design) programs. Students will have the opportunity to apply their coding, visual programing and design skills to solve real world problems using digital technology. 

French as a Second Language 5/6

Students use their life experiences, knowledge, skills and attitudes as a basis for developing their second language communicative abilities for real-life purposes; that is, students comprehend oral and written French, and they express and negotiate meaning, orally and in written form, in French.

Since language is embedded in culture, students will also acquire cultural knowledge in order to gain a better understanding of French culture and their own. The themes to be covered are:

Grade 5

  • My Elementary School
  • Our Friends – The Animals
  • Clothes
  • My Home
  • Holidays and Celebrations

Grade 6

  • My Health and Well Being
  • My Neighborhood
  • Alberta My Province
  • The Environment
  • Holidays and Celebrations

Band 6

Grade 6 band allows students the opportunity to play a wind instrument. These include flute, clarinet, saxophone, trombone, baritone, and trumpet. Students will focus on proper playing positions, instrument care and maintenance, and the fundamentals of music.

Music 6

Students will explore different genres and enhance their appreciation of music. This will include the study of classical music to the popular music of today. They will learn about different rhythmic patterns and begin to deepen their understanding of music theory. Instruments of focus will be percussion (djembe and other auxiliary percussion), recorder, baritone ukulele, and electronic musical resources. 

Fine Arts – Art 6

Students will continue to build on the foundational skills and techniques acquired in grade 5. Students will continue to explore a variety of mediums including painting, sketching, printmaking, working with clay and more. Students will learn to use art as a means to convey or express thoughts, feelings, messages or ideas. Students will look at different art forms and begin to develop their own appreciation for art and be able to judge whether the art is ‘good’ or not. By working on a variety of projects using a variety of mediums, students will begin to understand themselves as artists and where their passions lie.

Fine Arts – Drama 6

The drama portion of Fine Arts is intended to help students to develop an understanding and appreciation of drama, as well as the ability to create works using the forms, concepts, elements and conventions of the discipline. Through exploring drama, students will develop an understanding of the art form, themselves, and others, and will learn about the lives of people in different times, places, and cultures. In addition to role playing, students will use their growing understanding of drama forms, conventions and elements to explore issues through improvisation or develop or
interpret scenes. Drama provides many opportunities for students to practise communicating with different audiences for a variety of purposes, through moving, speaking and writing in role.

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