Our Staff

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Susan Westgate
Shannon Muir
Assistant Principal
Christine Voelk
Administrative Assistant
Christina Hogan
Office Assistant
David Melowsky
Facility Operator
Amanda Day - evening cleaneramday@cbe.ab.ca
Teaching Staff
Suzee Ney suney@cbe.ab.ca
Jessica Lynn  jllynn@cbe.ab.ca
Karlee Zelmer kmzelmer@cbe.ab.ca
Grade 1
Juliette Gandar /Nancy Ince jrgandar@cbe.ab.canjince@cbe.ab.ca
Alfredo Penate -Estrada aapenateestrada@cbe.ab.ca
Michelle Mason mehendriks@cbe.ab.ca
Sherri Sherren  mimason@cbe.ab.ca
Saskia Azmier  seazmier@cbe.ab.ca
Grade 2
Russell Fong rufong@cbe.ab.ca
Heather Thompson HEThompson@cbe.ab.ca
Michelle Hews mihews@cbe.ab.ca
Eva Dziadyk eldziadyk@cbe.ab.ca
Michelle Dewar mlryskampdewar@cbe.ab.ca
Grade 3
Robert Harting  rlharting@cbe.ab.ca
Carol Appah   caappah@cbe.ab.ca
Angie McGillivray  alturk@cbe.ab.ca
Jillian Peers  jmpeers@cbe.ab.ca
Peter Neily  pcneily@cbe.ab.ca
Grade 4
Danielle DeLongchamp dedelongchamp@cbe.ab.ca
Daylan Tosczakdatosczak@cbe.ab.ca
Magdalena Nasr maniemczyk@cbe.ab.ca
Kristin Maukonenkpmaukonen@cbe.ab.ca
Mitch Nishimura mdnishimura@cbe.ab.ca
Specialist Teachers
Tracey Wright - Phys Ed tgwright@cbe.ab.ca
Peter Vooys - Music pjvooys@cbe.ab.ca
Support Staff
Educational Assistant Team
Jody Peppinck japeppinck@cbe.ab.ca
Clara Chow cychow@cbe.ab.ca
Margie Pickering - Behaviour Support Workermjpickering@cbe.ab.ca
Farzana Tabassum fatabassum@cbe.ab.ca
Linda Deugau lddeugau@cbe.ab.ca
Lunch Room Team
Amanda Day - Lead amday@cbe.ab.ca
Teresa Thompson tethompson@cbe.ab.ca
Debi Bannatynedmbannatyne@cbe.ab.ca
Yabinda Rehman yarehman@cbe.ab.ca
Lailanie Calusinlecalusin@cbe.ab.ca
Netzl NaldozaNeNaldoza@cbe.ab.ca
Eman FaresEmFares@cbe.ab.ca
Marija DonaldsonMaDonaldson@cbe.ab.ca
Dana Merchant - Learning Commons Assistant
and Noon supervision

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