Wildwood School Commitment to Excellence

Student Commitment

  1. Respect yourself, others, the school and the environment.
  2. Be responsible in preparing for and engaging in learning.
  3. Take ownership for your learning and behavior.
  4. Display a positive attitude.
  5. Complete assignments and homework on time and aim for excellence.
  6. Read and/or be read to daily/nightly outside of school.
  7. Attend school regularly and be on time.
  8. Support and actively participate in school activities.

Parent/Guardian Commitment

  1. Ensure your child arrives at school on time everyday, phone the office if your child is late or absent.
  2. Make homework a priority and sign the agenda daily.
  3. Serve as an advocate/role model for your child.
  4. Become actively involved in your child’s school.
  5. Have daily conversations with your child about school.
  6. Support, encourage and reinforce for your child, high achievement in all subject areas while expecting him/her to work and learn to their potential best.
  7. Reinforce “Circle of Courage” philosophy which develops responsible citizenship and character education
  8. Support the administration and staff in their efforts to maintain a safe and caring school environment.
  9. Attend parent/teacher conferences following each reporting period.

School Commitment

  1. Ensure that all students meet academic success, become responsible citizens, achieve their personal highest potential and develop the character to do what is right.
  2. Set high expectations for student achievement and behavior.
  3. Model respectful, positive, professional behavior in working with students and parents.
  4. Make contact with the home through the use of an agenda, email or phone call.
  5. Contact parents/guardians as needed and be available for appointments.
  6. Keep school community informed of School/CBE/Area 4 decisions, activities, special events, etc.

Behavour Expectations/Disciplines

To maintain a safe and caring learning community, all students are required to accept and adhere to outlined school behavioral expectations. These expectations are reviewed with students on an ongoing basis and applied to the “Circle of Courage”. Appropriate student conduct is expected at school during class time, presentations, in the lunchroom, on the bus, on field trips as well as going to and from school.

Students are Responsible for their Behaviour

Consequences for failing to meet behavioral expectations may include:

  • Temporary removal of a student from a class or activity
  • Assignment to an alternative activity, task, or time out
  • Temporary withdrawal of school privileges
  • Informal or formal suspension
  • Community Service

Appropriate Language

Being able to use appropriate, respectful language is a valuable life skill. When language is offensive to others, hurt feelings may lead to further conflict. Name-calling, swearing, racial slurs, rude, and obscene language spoken, written, implied or gestured are unacceptable both inside the school and on school property.

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