Illness & Medical

It is important that you call the school if your child is absent or arriving late. Please report all absences to the Attendance Line at 403-777-8430. See more on our Attendance page.


Our school is nut aware and litter-free.  Please make sure the lunches and snacks you pack are nut free and in re-usable containers.

It is important to inform the school office and your child’s teacher regarding any allergies or medical information that might impact them at school. Parents with children with allergies and/or a medical condition complete the Student Health Emergency Response Protocol Form each year and submit it to the school office.

Medical information is shared with all staff.  Alberta Health has provided a guide for peanut free snacks. If you have specific concerns please contact your child’s teacher for classroom questions and the main office for lunchroom and school-wide concerns.

Please do not send food to school for your child to share with others. If teachers anticipate having food in the classroom for special events, parents will be notified.  


If your child requires medication during school hours, please discuss the medical requirements for your child with the school administration.

Student Health Emergency Response Protocol Form

  • This form is to be used when there is a student health issue regarding attention. This includes when there is a request to administer medication. 

Student Health Plan

This form is to be:

  • completed if a physical or medical condition may affect the student’s attendance at school
  • completed if medication is to be taken at school,
  • reviewed and updated annually or sooner if there is a change in the student’s health concern or school registration. 

Medical Emergencies

Please keep emergency information on telephone numbers, allergies, family doctor, etc. up to date by letting the school office know of any changes that occur.

If a student becomes ill, or injured, parents will be contacted. Parents’ work numbers and/or home numbers will be phoned by office staff at this time to inform parents/guardians. It is essential the office has current home and work numbers.

Students who become ill may be brought to the office until parents/guardian can arrange to pick up the child. We do not have suitable rooms or sufficient staff to take care of sick or injured children for more than a short period.

If a student is unable to participate in physical education or go outside due to illness or injury, a note from parents must be provided explaining the limitation and its duration. If a student is unable to participate for an extended period, a note from a doctor may be required.

School Nurse

The school nurse’s main function is to be a resource to teachers, students and parents/guardians about health issues. The school nurse does immunizations, and can assist with referrals to community resources. The school nurse visits our school once a week. You may contact her directly by telephone, leave a message or write her a note. The nurse is also available for home visits.

Please inform the teacher of any health conditions affecting your child, for example, hearing, sight, allergies, diabetes, epilepsy, etc. Our school nurse is deployed from Shaganappi Health Centre.

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