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2022-2023 William Aberhart Traditional Calendar

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RT @CBELanguages: Congratulations to Vanessa Chapman from @AberhartHS_CBE top debater from Alberta at the CSDF National Debate Seminar. Congratulations to Joshua Himmens @WesternRedhawks @yycbe for being awarded by his peers the Tom Lawson Award, for embodying for all the spirit of debate

Calgary honours Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in the lights of the downtown skyline. Students and staff will start the day tomorrow with a moment of silence. #nationaldayofmourning #weareCBE

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard (A.A. Milne).” Thank you, everyone, for your well wishes and for 7 years and 8 amazing months serving the orange learning community! 🧡

Learning is so much fun, continues throughout our lives, and we remember our impactful teachers forever! I love the moment when John John “gets it!” That’s the return teachers receive every day! #WeareCBE

RT @howie_hua: New TikTok video: Did you know you can subtract left to right?