Prohibited Behaviours

Use of Profane / Inappropriate Language

Students are expected to communicate in a courteous and respectful manner at all times.  Use of profane language is inappropriate and may result in formal action from school administration. 

Hazing and Physical Abuse

CBE policy strictly forbids the practice known as “hazing” whether on the school premises, in connection with school activities on or off the school premises, or to and from school. Students in violation of this regulation will be suspended from school.

Smoking (E-Cigarettes & Vaping)

William Aberhart is a non-smoking campus. Smoking and vaping are not allowed anywhere in the school or on school property. This includes school grounds, parking lots, and adjacent fields. A reminder that the school has promised to be respectful of our surrounding neighbours by not congregating in the community or causing undue disturbance.

Alcohol & Drugs (non-medicinal)

Illegal Drugs and/or alcohol have no place in an educational institution. The CBE supports the suspension of students who are found:
(i) Distributing alcohol or illegal drugs;
(ii) Possessing or using alcohol or drugs; or
(iii) Actively in contact with the possession, sale or use of alcohol or drugs.
This regulation will be strictly enforced at William Aberhart High School.

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