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Cafeteria Name Voting

The time is now, Aberhart! We are opening the cafeteria for lunch, but we need a name first. After pouring through all the
name submissions, we have chosen the following four which best represent our school culture. 

But we still need your help! Voting is open for the top name until Friday, April 14. Tell your friends, tell your parents, tell your teachers.

  1. Aber Eats
  2. The Orange Bistro
  3. Abe’s Bistro
  4. Orange Café

In case you missed the submission form, here are the specifics of the cafeteria:

About the Cafeteria:

  • We will be starting simple. We will have a couple sandwich options (meat and vegetarian) that will rotate each
  • We will be open Monday - Friday, but Friday will have limited quantities.
  • The aim is to grow the popularity and have the menu grow at the same time. While we will start simple, eventually, maybe even next year, we will be bringing in some smaller snack options and items that can be heated up.
  • The Cafeteria will be opening sometime in April. 

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