Student Services consists of two full-time counsellors, a Learning Strategist, and a secretary. Our students are assigned guidance counsellors based on the student’s last name. Counselling appointments may be requested by students, parents, teachers or teacher advisors.  Appointments with counsellors may be booked by:

  • Nicole Peters
    School Counsellor    (A - L)                      
  • e|     403-289-2551 ex 2404
  • Becky Verwaayen
    School Counsellor    (M - Z)        Learning Leader 
  • e|    403-289-2551 ex 2406

    Office Hours

    • Monday - Thursday: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Friday: 8:15 AM - 2:00 PM


Welcome back to school!    We have looked at timetables and reviewed them to see that where possible they are balanced.  Please be aware that course request changes will be limited as classes are full and we are managing class sizes. 

If you have recently moved and will not be attending William Aberhart High School for this current school year, please send an email to Ms. Corey Feodoroff at  She will provide you with the appropriate form/process to facilitate a transfer to your designated school. 

Timetables are now available online in PowerSchool. Please contact your counsellor via email if you have questions or concerns. Forms and instructions for eligible course request changes are available on this page.

 Timetable changes will only be considered if:

  • The timetable is not balanced
  • You are missing a pre-requisite for a course
  • You are missing a graduation requirement or Post-Secondary requirement.

 Guidelines for Requests

• This is a request. The priority is to provide you with an appropriate program leading to high school completion.

• Your request(s) will be assessed on an individual basis.

• No teacher changes.

• We are unable to accommodate requests for courses beyond your grade level. (e.g. Grade 10 Students may not take 20 level courses).


Process for Requesting a Course Change

Fill in the Request for Course Change 2021/22 form and submit it to your Guidance Counsellor by email. We will not respond to requests for course changes through email or phone messages.  Guidance Counsellors work with students and families according to the student’s surname.

Student Surnames:

A  - L, Ms. Peters   e|

M - Z, Ms. Verwaayen  e|

Requests for course changes will be considered between August 24 and August 31.   

Requesting an Online Course 

The Calgary Board of Education’s online school is


Please see CBe-Learn’s website for courses offered, registration dates, and course access dates but be aware that information can change.

Process for requesting an online Course Fill in the Online Course Request form Fall 2021 and submit it to your Guidance Counsellor.  


MyPass is an Alberta Education secure self-service website for high school students to:

  • View and print diploma exam result statements
  • Order transcripts
  • View progress towards a credential (Diploma or Certificate)
  • View student personal information
  • View and print a detailed academic report (DAR)

To request access, visit

myBlueprint - An interactive education, career, pathways and life planner. The tool can help you to explore and build your high school course plan and inform your course choices. Login with your edu email and CBE password.

Here are some resources in myBlueprint that students may use as they progress through high school:

Who am I – 6 unique assessments for self-exploration (Learning styles, Personality (based on Myers-Briggs), Holland Interests, Knowledge, Motivation and Compatibility?)

High School – a tool to visually plan courses, track progress toward graduation, identify post-secondary eligibility for opportunities in all pathways.

Post Secondary – a database to explore post-secondary opportunities (apprenticeship, college, university, workplace sectors

Goals – An interactive goal setting to set S.M.A.R. T. goals and action plans

Occupations – A database of over 500 occupations

Resumes and Cover Letters – tools to record personal experiences, build resumes and write cover letters

Money – a budget-making tool to help student track income and expenses and develop financial literacy

Job Search – A tool to explore real-world job postings that relate to occupations of interest

Portfolios – A portfolio builder to create multiple portfolios and share it with parents, teachers, or future employers

How We Can Help

    To assist students in obtaining a high school education and planning for post-secondary or career directions and counseling, the guidance department offers a variety of services including assistance with:

    • Educational Counselling
      Program Planning, Course Registration, Timetable Conflicts, information packages, Applications to summer school, online, or self-directed learning, referrals from teacher, administration, parent or student.
    • Personal / Social Counselling
      Personal issues, Crisis Intervention, Special Needs Intervention, Referrals and consultation with outside agencies, mediation, referrals from teacher, administration, parent or student.
    • Post-Secondary Planning
      Alberta and Out of Province Post Secondary Fairs, Post Secondary lunch hour information sessions, Scholarship/Loan Information, Post Secondary application information.
    • Career Counselling 
      To assist students in exploring and planning for further education and/or school-to-work transition. Includes:
    • Personal goal setting
    • Self-assessment
    • Occupational information
    • Post-secondary information

Career Planning Resources

  • Alis - Alberta careers, learning and employment information
  • ALIS CAREERinsite - A one-stop guide to career planning for Albertans. Create your career plan, get to know yourself with quizzes and exercises, explore options, get ready and take action.
  • Calgary Public Library - Try the Job & Career Accelerator (Library Card Required). An interactive career selection and job search system, including: occupation profiles, resume building, cover letter writing, interview skills and more.
  • Career Exploration Centre (SAIT) - The Career Exploration Centre (CEC) is a fun, interactive environment where you can get hands-on experience with a variety of careers located on the SAIT campus.
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