​​​Support for Students at the CBE

Our students’ success is our top priority and we understand that our students live complex lives and that many factors both in school and outside of school can affect their ability to learn. The CBE offers a variety of services (such as Culture and Linguistic Support, Exceptional and Special Needs, and Psychological Services) to support students, their families and our school, so students can be successful learners. Visit the CBE website to learn more.​​​​

Student Services

Student Services - Success Centre 

Student Services consists of three success advisors and two learning spaces to support students’ educational and social/emotional needs. Our students are assigned guidance counsellors based on the student’s last name.

Booking an Appointment & Hours

Students are encouraged to make appointments to talk to their counsellors about issues that are affecting their success at school.  You may discuss your personal situation in a supportive manner with your counsellor and work collaboratively to develop strategies to succeed.  At times, your issue may be more urgent and we encourage you to come to the Success Centre to see us, as we will have a guidance counsellor available to you.

  • Monday - Thursday: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
  • Friday: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Drop-In Hours: will be posted outside the Success Centre. 


How We Can Help

A comprehensive counselling program is provided to students, including the following domains:

Educational Guidance– to assist students in developing an understanding of their educational goals and how to attain them successfully

  • Includes: course advising, high school program planning and pathways to completion, support of success in courses, Post-Secondary planning, timetable conflicts, applications to summer school and online courses.

Career Support  To assist students in exploring and planning for further education and/or school-to-work transition.

  • Includes: Personal goal setting, Self-assessment, Occupational information, Post-Secondary information

Personal | Social | Emotional Support – to provide an opportunity for students who are experiencing concerns

  • Includes: Personal issues, Crisis Intervention, Special Needs Intervention, Referrals and consultation with outside agencies, stress management, relationship conflict, life events and transitions, mental health and wellness, substance abuse

Mental Health Resources

See our short-list of Calgary community resources for mental health counselling and supports.

Kids Help Phone | text, phone, live chat or find resources:
Phone: 1-800-668-6868

Access Mental Health | information, consultation and referral for addiction and/or mental health concerns
Phone: 403-943-1500

Distress Centre | 24-hour crisis support, free crisis counselling, peer support, community resources:
Phone: 403-266-4357 (HELP)

Eastside Family Centre | phone, e-therapy and walk in counselling
Phone: 403-299-9699

The Alex Youth Health Centre | mental health supports, medical care,
Phone: 403-520-6270

The Summit  | mental health supports for youth and families, including walk-in counselling


Phone: 587-534-7200


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