The CBE's App​​roach to Community Engagement

Dialogue is the Calgary Board of Education’s approach to community engagement. It is a mutually respectful exchange of ideas that acknowledges and celebrates the diversity within the CBE community. It represents our ongoing commitment to involve people in decisions that affect them.

We know we make better decisions when we listen and work together to solve problems and find solutions. When we do, our students are better equipped to become successful citizens who contribute their ideas, passion and energy to society.

There can be no dialogue without you. Find out more about Dialogue as well as current and past system engagement initiatives on the CBE’s website​.​​​​​​

Community Engagement

Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in our online engagement, WAHS School Planning Survey 2022The results are in!  With a 38% completion rate, we are reflecting on how to more effectively engage our stakeholders the next time we use this format for gathering feedback.


  • To view the Results Report:  click here   
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  • Respondents were asked to consider the fact that schools must operate within their budget and that too many fees can be unmanageable for families.  Given this reality, participants were asked to rank activities, services and learning opportunities in order of importance to them.  While only 26% of respondents answered this question, the following priorities were identified (based on the percentage of respondents who identified the area as one of their top 5 priorities):

#1:  Balanced class sizes – 60%

#2:  CTS equipment & maintenance – 51.5%

#3:  Field trips, including off-campus PE opportunities and technology tied for 3rd priority – 48%

#4:  Athletics – 39%

# 5: Renewal of learning resources – 36%


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