Business, Administration, Finance & Information Technology (BIT)

Computer Science

Computer Science (5 credits each level – Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced)

Computer Science allows students to develop proficiency in a wide variety of programming challenges, a skill that will be foundational for many career paths including but not limited to software development. The Introductory course has students learning to program with the Python language. We also study computer architecture and basic logic circuit, and have some fun in developing a text-based game by the end of the course. In the intermediate programming course students transition to their second programming language, Java and the concepts of Object-Oriented Programming and Static Data Structures will be introduced. The final project at this level has students create a video game of their own design.

In the Advanced course, students have a choice of two streams: The Algorithm stream places focus on the theoretical foundations of Computer Science, including  advanced topics in Object-Oriented Programming, Algorithms, and Dynamic Data Structures. The Data Science stream places focus on tools used in Data Science. Datasets, Files and File structures will be explored, as will data visualization tools. Additionally, students will be introduced to Structured Query Language (SQL).

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