Health, Recreation & Human Services (HRH)

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine (5 credits each level – Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced)

The aim of the Sports Medicine program is to enable individuals to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes, necessary to be successful in the pursuit of the many medical, first aid and sport career pathways related to Sports Medicine. Sports Medicine includes a knowledge base of human anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, taping and strapping, therapeutic modalities, athletic training, the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries, sports nutrition, massage therapy, emergency first aid/CPR and much more.  

The Introductory level focuses on basic anatomy and physiology and common injuries to ankle, hand and wrist and elbow.  Students will also receive their CPR-C Certification.  Intermediate and Advanced levels focus on more complex joints and injuries, working with students with disabilities and receive either their Standard First Aid (intermediate level) or Basic Life Support (advanced level) certifications.  Opportunities at all three levels to work with the Aberhart Athletic teams as a Student Athletic Trainer to apply their classroom skills of taping, wrapping and first aid to real life situations.

Sports Performance

Sports Performance (5 credits each level – Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced)

At the heart of high performance sport is the conditioning of the athlete, with the aim of optimising individual and team performance and keeping them at the top of their game. You will gain skills in sports performance and analysis, exercise programming, and strength and conditioning of athletes. You’ll learn to design and deliver programs that enhance athletic performance and reduce the likelihood of injury and illness.

This is a 3 year program.  The Intermediate and Advanced level courses build on the fundamentals taught in the Introductory level.  This culminates with the advanced sports performance students developing their own weight training program.

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