Media, Design & Communication Arts

Design Studies

Pre-Architecture and Industrial Design (6 credits each level – Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced) 

Design Studies is strongly recommended for students planning a career in drafting, engineering, architecture or interior design. Introductory level in Design Studies introduces the student to drafting and computer aided drafting (CAD). This course provides the student with an overview of drafting fields and the types of work performed by drafts people in industry. The student learns primarily through the Design Process (Think, Sketch and Design) producing idea prototypes and grows into completing a bungalow home design developed from the interior to exterior.

Intermediate and Advanced students can enter the Building Industry Land Development (BILD) student competition which pushes creativity and design with a criteria set and reviewed by architects. Students use Revit, industry standard software for architecture, to complete their design. 

Communications Technology

(6 credits each level – Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced)

The introductory level focuses on providing students a wide range of skills in this course from Desktop Publishing, Digital Photography and Digital Video creation. Using the digital SLR and video cameras, students will explore lighting, color, texture, composition, and other subject matter to achieve a solid grounding in both technical and creative photographic processes and apply those techniques to animation. In our multimedia lab, students will learn to utilize Adobe CC Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro) as well as Autodesk Inventor and Maya in order to edit, enhance and exhibit their work.

Intermediate and Advance students select their area of focus to continue developing their skills by selecting Graphic Design, Photography or Videography or a combination of them to complete 5 to 6 credits per course over one semester.

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