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Course Descriptions

Design Studies

Design Studies 10: Computer Assisted Design 

(6 credits)  

Design Studies is strongly recommended to students planning a career in drafting, engineering, architecture or interior design. Introductory Design Studies introduces the student to drafting and computer aided drafting (CAD). This course provides the student with an overview of drafting fields and the types of work performed by drafts people in industry. The student learns primarily through drafting projects consisting of single view, multi-view (orthographic projection),  dimensioning, sectional views, auxiliary views, pictorial views and modeling perspective drawing assignments.The course is designed to be self-paced,self-directed with co-operative learning.

Design Studies 20: Residential Design / Drafting

(6 credits)

Prerequisite: Design Studies 10 

Studies offers an excellent background for prospective interior design, architecture or architectural technology students.  Using computer aided design software; the student prepares complete working drawings and 3D model of a single-family residence of their own design within the parameters set by the instructor.  Emphasis is placed on design (practical, functional, efficient, and realistic), materials, building standards, and architectural symbols.

Design Studies 30: Architectural Design

(6 credits) 

Prerequisite: Design Studies 20

Design Studies Advanced allows the student to further explore the design process and drafting techniques as it relates to their own particular project. Research and design projects may include (but are not limited to) architectural, mechanical and interior design

Communications Technology

ComTech 10 

(6 credits)  

The areas of focus for this course are Digital Photography and Digital Video and Animation.Using the school’s digital SLR and video cameras, students will explore lighting, color, texture, composition, and other subject matter to achieve a solid grounding in both technical and creative photographic processes and apply those techniques to animation. In our multimedia lab, students will learn to utilize Adobe CC Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator,Premiere) and Autodesk Inventor and 3DS Max in order to edit, enhance and exhibit their work.  

ComTech 20 / 30  

(5 credits at each level)

This is for students who have successfully completed the Introductory Multimedia course and wish to expand their skills and expertise in one of the following different streams:  

Stream “P” – Digital Photography and Photo Editing

Digital Photography and Photo Editing-students will enhance their skills with respect to camera operation, composition, computer photo manipulation and creative expression.  Upon completion, students should be able to produce well-executed images using a variety of photographic and photo manipulative approaches.  

Stream – “V” Video & Video Editing

This stream enhances student understanding of various aspects of video production including concept development, scripting, camera operation, and post-production. Emphasis is placed on realization of the unique creative vision. Upon completion, students should be able to produce a thematically coherent, edited video with sound and titling.

Stream "A”–Animation

This stream enhances student understanding of various aspects of video production including concept development, scripting, camera operateon, and post-production. Emphasis is placed on realization of the unique creative vision.Upon completion, students should be able to produce a thematically coherent, edited video with sound and titling.


There are other possible streams which may include:

  • Vector Graphics
  • Web Design 
  • Desktop Publishing

Computer Science

The problem solving skills and understanding of information management gained from this sequence of courses will be of use to students in any career choice. The ability to program in modern object-oriented languages is an extremely useful skill in our modern economy. 

Computer Science 30 may be used as Science for University entrance. As well, students are able to challenge the Advanced Placement Computer Science exam, which provides an excellent head start for those who are interested in courses in many fields at the post-secondary level, including Computer Science, Engineering, Software Development, Physics, Digital Animation, etc. 

Computer Science 10

(6 Credits)

This course will give students an introduction to programming using the Python language. Also, they will study computer architecture and basic logic circuits.We also have some fun in experimenting with graphics and developing a text-based game by the end of the course.Prior programming experience is NOT necessary for success.However,students should be comfortable with Mathematics.

Computer Science 20 

(5 credits)

Students will extend their knowledge from Computer Science 10.They will write code to solve more complex problem sin an object-oriented approach.They will be introduced to Java as a second programming language, while working in a fully integrated development environment.The design and implementation of Graphical Interfaces and Code Management will also be covered.

Computer Science 30 

(5 credits)

The focus in this course is on practical applications of Computer Science principles. Students will learn about and apply advanced concepts in object-oriented programming such as inheritance and polymorphism.  Files and file structures will be studied, and a third language - SQL - will be introduced to allow students to develop data tiers . There will be an opportunity to develop mobile applications for Android or iPhones.

Computer Science 30 AP

(5 credits)

This Advanced Placement course is equivalent to a first-year course in post-secondary computer science, with elements of second year Computer Science covered as well. The focus in the AP course is more towards the theoretical foundations of Computer Science. Students will focus on dynamic data structures and both iterative and recursive algorithms.  Advanced concepts in object-oriented programming such as inheritance and polymorphism will also be studied. The course pacing is accelerated to allow preparation for the AP Computer Science A Exam in May. Students still have an opportunity for a large independent project at the end of the semester.

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