Trades, Manufacturing & Transportation

Trades, Manufacturing and Transportation Cluster (TMT)


( 5 credits each level - Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced)
The Construction Program (“Woodworking”) teaches the safe and effective use of a variety of hand and power tools and is designed to provide a foundation of knowledge and skills related to the planning, design, and construction of various manufactured products such as cabinets and furniture. Students will also develop their basic competencies, such as problem solving, independence, responsibility, teamwork, and fundamental communication and numerical literacies.  Projects are a mix of pre-planned and student choice.  Intermediate and Advance levels emphasize the expansion and refinement of the fundamental skills learned in the Introductory level.



(6 credits each level - Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced)
In Mechanics, you will work on group projects within a realistic automotive shop setting while utilizing tools and shop equipment in a safe manner.  You will be able to bring in your own vehicles to work on to develop various repair and diagnosing strategies to solve problems at a personal level. These new skills can be used in the future for potential more confident drivers or buyers of a vehicle as well as perhaps performing some of these repairs and services on your own.  The introduction course will identify major operating systems found in most vehicles along with performing regular maintenance repair and service procedures as needed. The Intermediate course focus on the mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic braking systems, as well as the common steering and suspension systems. Learn to perform wheel alignments and services performed on today’s modern motor vehicles. Finally, the Advanced course will examine the computerized fuel injection and ignition systems operation as well as diagnostics and services that help keep these important systems running in today’s modern motor vehicle.

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