Course Descriptions

Drama 10

(5 credits)

Drama 10 is an introduction to drama and theatre. Students will attempt to develop fundamental performance and theatre skills through intensive, active involvement in the theatre disciplines of Orientation, Movement, Speech, Improvisation, Script work, Acting, and Technical Theatre. Through concentration, movement, voice and stage awareness, students will lay down the foundation for exploring Theatre as a creative expression of the human condition. This is an excellent course for all students as it helps develop interpersonal skills, self-awareness, self esteem, confidence and public speaking skills. Full participation and a positive attitude are essential for success

Drama 20 

(5 credits) 

Prerequisite: Drama 10

Drama 20 explores skills covered in Drama 10 and theatre in greater detail. Students will have the opportunity to write, perform and critique their work in a supportive and safe environment. The focus of Drama 20 is Acting, Playwriting, Technical Theatre and Theatre studies. Drama 20 is a performance based course requiring rehearsal, production and performance work. Students will perform both solo and group scripted projects for a public audience.

Drama 30 

(5 credits) 

Prerequisite: Drama 20

The focus of Drama 30 is to build on the skills explored in Drama 10 and Drama 20 as more in depth performance skills are introduced. The focus of Drama 30 is directing, acting, auditioning and theatre studies. Students direct a one-act play and perform in two student-directed one-act plays for a public audience.

Advanced Acting / Touring 15/25/35 

(3 or 5 credits each)

  • Pre-requisite for Advance Acting/Touring is Drama 10 or Drama teacher approval 
  • Pre-requisite for Advanced Acting/Touring 25 is Advance Acting/Touring 15
  • Pre-requisite for Advanced Acting/Touring 35 is Advanced Acting/Touring 25

Advanced Acting offers students the opportunity to study theatre as a production based course. It provides a continuum of theatre experiences that move well beyond the introductory and exploratory foundation skills and activities outlined in Drama 10-20-30. The focus of the class is a full scale production of a scripted play. The class is offered one semester after school. All rehearsals and performances are outside of the regular timetable and students need to be able to commit to all workshops, rehearsals and performances for the duration of the production work. Students can sign up for the technical, design and management side of the course, or audition for a part in the play. Please see drama teacher of details.

Film Studies 15 

(5 credits)

This film studies course is designed for students who wish to develop an understanding of filmmaking and who wish to enhance their appreciation of film as an art form. This course does not focus on creating films. The overall goal of this course is to have students learn to appreciate film for its artistic, technological and communicative properties. There is a connection to the outcomes of the senior high English Language Arts Program of Study; however, the course allows students to go beyond the ELA program outcomes in the following areas:

  • Technical production elements of film
  • Film genre study
  • Comparative analysis of film
  • Cultural inter‐relationships of film

Film Studies 25 

(5 credits)

Prerequisite: Film Studies 15

Film Studies 25 will build on the material covered in Film Studies 15. History of film will be investigated more thoroughly and foreign films will be introduced. Films chosen for examination in class will generally be more complex and challenging than in 15. Students will be expected to demonstrate deeper and more complete understanding of film terminology and techniques. While in Film Studies 15 students will look at pre-production aspects of the making of a film, Film Studies 25 study what goes into the production itself.

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