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Spares/Flex Time

  • Students on spares or flex time are asked to please be considerate of classes in session.
  • Student spares must be spent in quiet study in the Learning Commons, the cafeteria, or Automotives hallway.
  • Instructional hallways are not acceptable areas to be in during class time, as hallway noise is disruptive to classes in session. Hallways must be kept clear when classes are in session.
  • Students leaving the building during spares assume responsibility for their safety while out of the school.
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Student Learning Conferences October 29th in Microsoft Teams - Book via MyCBE/PowerSchool. Collaborating in support of student success. #studentlearningconferences #studentsuccess

You are invited to join us for our first virtual school council meeting on Monday, October 26 at 7:00 p.m. Join meeting via link provided on school web site under Get Involved tab!

Let’s do our part to prevent the spread, Abe! We’ve got this!

A holiday that celebrates orAnge? Say no more! Halloween Costume Day is Wed., Oct. 28! Here’s your COVID COSTUME CHALLENGE: 1) Make your COVID mask part of your costume! 2) Costume to not take up more space than regular clothing! 3) No accessories, please! #Halloween2020

Happy Thanksgiving, Abe. Stay safe!