Alberta Education informed school boards on October 13, that October/November 2020 Diploma Exams are optional for some students, and the decision to write will be made by students and their parents.  Diploma Exams scheduled for January, April or June continue to be mandatory at this time.

The exemption to write applies only to students currently taking the Diploma course and who will receive a school-awarded mark for the first quarter (September - November) courses.  Those students who tool a Diploma course before the 2020-21 school year who have registered to write one or more exams in October/November must still write the exam.  However, they may choose to defer the exam writing to January, April or June (message from Chief Superintendent of Schools on October 14, 2020).  

Alberta Education has clarified that any student who finished a diploma course and received a school-awarded mark after the August writing of diplomas and before the November writing, is also exempt from writing the November exams.

Exam Schedule

Final Exam Reminders


  • Valid Photo ID (WAHS student ID card or driver's license)
  • Pen and pencil with good eraser
  • Approved calculator for Math & Science exams
  • Bottled water in clear plastic bottle with labels removed
  • Light snacks – remove from original packaging & bring in clear plastic bag


  • Personal electronic devices. These are not permitted in any exam room.
  • Purses, backpacks, and bags. Leave these at home or secured in your locker or vehicle.
  • Jackets & caps/headwear. Leave in your locker or vehicle.
  • Calculator cases and covers
  • Take-out food/meals (pizza, meals, etc.)

Personal Electronic Devices

Any personal electronic/digital device capable of sending/receiving information, audio recording, video recording, or accessing the internet is strictly forbidden in any final exam room. This includes:

  • Cell phones
  • MP3 players or I-pods and headsets
  • Smart Watches
  • Digital dictionaries and/or graphic organizers

Please leave all personal electronics secured in your locker/vehicle OR leave at home during your exam.

Anyone found in possession of, or having access to, any electronic digital device during any final exam will forfeit the exam.

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